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Essayshark is a popular essay writing service, and there are lots of Essayshark essay reviews you can find online. However, not all of those reviews are true and honest since some of them were pre-ordered by the company’s marketing team to increase sales. To manage this situation and give students a chance to learn what the company is really like, we decided to test it by ordering two papers there, a research paper on History, and an essay on Literature.
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When exploring their website, we also found that there are lots of other services you can get there:
  • Admission essay writing
  • Annotated bibliography writing
  • Case studies and business plans
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Our Paper critique

We ordered an essay on the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown on people in different countries, and here’s our review of the paper. In general, the writer’s work was rather satisfactory. But several drawbacks made us doubt the writer’s professionalism.

The paper offers a pretty extensive scope of data, with many valuable insights and citations. Because there is so much information, the points seem disconnected and present different ideas, leaving a sense of inconsistency. While we did appreciate the variety of the research, the text lacked depth and was a bit hard to follow in terms of logic and structure.

The same goes for the vocabulary. The writer switched from college-level words to middle-school level and back several times throughout the text, making the text appear patchy and out of step. We specifically stated that the paper needs to match a college-senior level, so the final result wasn’t up to par.

Another issue that we faced upon receiving the paper was that the essay didn’t entirely fit the assignment. We might not have provided enough information initially, which could be why the paper quality didn’t meet our expectations. But at the same time, the writer did not reach out for any specifications or additional info and proceeded with the task based on their assumptions. This further backed up the feeling of inconsistency we mentioned earlier.

As for the writer’s work ethics, we didn’t see anything alarming there. The writer had four days to complete the essay, and it was submitted a day before the deadline. The final text didn’t have any plagiarism, which proves that the writer can come up with original ideas.

  • Essay submitted before the deadline
  • Original ideas, zero plagiarism
  • Satisfactory grammar and spelling
  • Extensive research
  • All sources cited correctly
  • Lack of depth and consistency
  • The delivery clarity can be improved
  • Inconsistent vocabulary
  • Poor communication
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Outstanding Features
  • Has a quick guide tour on how to order a paper from them
  • A list of interesting features, including apps for Android and iOS as one of the main
  • Promote their app on Android and iOS as one of the main features
  • Has their own books available at Amazon

EssayShark: Pros and Cons

It offers you an unconventional way of paying for your paper: a bidding system where you get to decide how much to pay to get your paper done. If you want to get more writers interested in doing your paper, you can offer a high bid and enjoy all the interest.
You get to talk directly to your writer and discuss all of your paper details with them, this is something of a simplified communication where you don’t need to get someone to take your messages to the writer. It is safe, you will not be caught using this service.
The service has been on the market of academic writing for quite a long time and is well-aware of the needs of its customers.
There is no customer service. If you have a problem, the only thing you can do is take it to the writer and talk directly to them about it. Other than that, you will have to find your way around the website and around the way the service works.
Paper quality is low it's better to use paperwriter service instead. Quite a lot of reviews will tell you the harsh truth: quality sucks here. Writers do not care about the paper they give you and do not do their best to provide you with a high-quality piece. Our personal experience confirmed that. The paper looked like it was written by a high school student and not even a successful one.
The chances are high that you will not get a refund if you are not satisfied with the paper you get. Many previous customers complained that they had issues when getting a refund. We faced the very same problem: we wanted to refund both of our papers. One of them didn’t get refunded at all, while for the other one we got a 50% refund in store credit, which is of little use.
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EssayShark Reviews

We are firm believers that the most straightforward approach to evaluating a company’s trustworthiness is by hearing out its customers. That’s why we looked for unprejudiced EssayShark reviews across multiple independent platforms. We were only able to find the service’s profile on Sitejabber and the entries there weren’t as unanimous as one would hope. Take a look at the few examples below:
Great resource
Excellent for last minute assignments. Very time consuming. No worries of having to stress for writing papers
January 12, 2021
Non Native Customer Support and Mediocre Writing Quality
When initially ordering from this service, I was fairly disappointed with the conversation from customer support. We talked over chat, and I could tell from their responses that these workers were definitely outsourced. They were making several syntax errors, and from a writing service, this is unacceptable. ...
June 19, 2019
I'm satisfied
I ordered papers several times by essayshark. I'm satisfied. Have to say, I provided detailed instruction for my paper, so maybe that was a reason why it was original and high-quality work. 24/7 support also was great.
January 16, 2021

Our EssayShark Review Accounts for the Following Factors:


Essayshark Writers: A Questionable Team

The writing team is not professional at all. You will be playing Russian roulette when you order a paper here, the chances are low that you can get a really qualified writer. Our papers were delivered with delays, which means that for real students it could result in late submissions and failing grades. Additionally, neither of the two papers followed the initial instructions, which resulted in poor quality and irrelevant content. The writers are not really responsive and do not always react on revision requests, which means you can end up with a useless paper and a ton of money wasted.

Essayshark Plagiarism

In one of the papers we received from their writers, 15% of the content was plagiarized. It is not a lot, but the fact itself that some of the content was plagiarized is frowned upon by all educational institutions, and such a paper could really get a student in trouble. Additionally, their writers are clearly not very good at the rules of academic writing and formatting since most sources were cited wrongly. This means that the direct quotations in the paper can also be defined as plagiarized content. You really need to double-check the paper you get here before you submit it on your learning platform.

Essayshark Sign Up Experience

There is no sign-up button, but this service login process is pretty easy. To get started on the platform, you need to order a paper. After that, you'll get a personal account where you can log into later.

Essayshark Discount

Unfortunately, there are no discounts on this platform. There is an established minimum amount, which is about $20 per page, but the price can never go lower than that, only higher. You might also discover that you will be somehow motivated to get the price up by yourself since you will be offered lots of “extras” like getting a Premium writer. Friendly advice: don’t buy that! Many customers who paid additionally for that option complained that their essays looked like they had been written by a highschool student. It is just crafty speculation to get you to pay more money for the final paper.


Customer Service Support

There isn’t much to say about this department of the service as it is pretty much inexistent. The system works in such a way that you get connected with writers right away. After placing an order and setting a price, you will get a number of writers who want to work on your paper. After getting a writer, you will have to talk and discuss the paper directly with them. It is not very convenient that there is no customer service here as you have no one to manage your issues, only the writer who does not really know how to work with refunds or dissatisfied clients.

Is Essayshark Legal?

Despite its questionable paper quality, Essayshark scam claims are not really true. Essayshark legit business is located in Cyprus. Many angered customers come to the question “Is Essayshark cheating?” But the truth is that it’s not. It is a legal company that has a license to practice the business. However, the quality of services they provide has nothing to do with this. Although the company is legal and recognized by local authorities, the papers it's writers deliver are still very bad.

Papers Quality and Delivery

Is it safe? Yes, it is safe. Is it a reliable company? Not necessarily, especially considering the quality of their work. We have already said a lot about the quality of papers you will get from this service. The best thing you can do here is just not risking your money. It might be not only the quality of your paper that will be upsetting, but also the delivery manner. A lot of writers here are not punctual; they disregard the deadline you set on your paper and can be late for a few hours. This means that you will either have no time to review and edit the final paper or miss your submission deadline altogether.

How Much Does Essayshark Cost?

You will not see the Essayshark price of their services right away. The prices become available only when placing an order. This can be quite inconvenient if you prefer to know what to expect. On average, you should expect to pay at least $20 per page or more if your paper is complex.

Does Essayshark Work?

Yes, it does work, but you will most probably not be satisfied with the quality of their work. Compared to other best essay writing services reviews this one is one of the failing ones that gives you an awful paper and asks you to pay lots of money for it and then doesn’t even refund it. There are many better options you can choose from on the market as there are lots of things that this service needs to improve about its work. Also, you can check out other reviews like an EssayPro Review or EssayService Review

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How Lockdowns Due To Covid-19 Changed The Life Order Of People In Different Countries

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  Covid -19 originated from Wuhan, a city in China at the end of December 2019 andcontinued spreading to other countries since then resulting in the World Health Organizationdeclaring it a pandemic in March 2020.

  Many people in the world got infected with the virus and a huge number succumbedto deaths resulting in a major concern by governments. This led to governments coming upwith stringent measures in order to curb the spread of the virus and protect its citizens. Theywent ahead and introduced a nationwide lockdown that restricted the movement of people indifferent countries. According to Sault (2020), the imposed lockdown is aimed at flatteningthe covid-19 infection curve. Meaning it is aimed at reducing the number of infection casesby forcing a mandatory social distancing between individuals.

  Countries like New Zealand, France, Kenya, Italy, and Spain introduced acountrywide lockdown that aimed at controlling the rapid spread of the virus among theirpeople. A country like Italy had a nationwide lockdown that lasted for almost 6 weeks whichran from mid-March 2020 to mid–May 2020. Gualano et al (2020) state that the lockdownimposed on Italy impacted the mental health of a number of people in the country. Many fellinto depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, sleep disturbances, and anxiety among otherpsychological illnesses. Italy being the first country in Europe to go to a nationwidelockdown became a huge concern for the majority of the people.

   Anxiety disorders were more prominent in females and older people as most of themwere afraid of moving out of their houses for the sole purpose of acquiring their basic day-today needs like going grocery shopping or even a simple activity like taking a walk outside.Depression came about as a result of little to no interaction on the part of individuals. TheItalians showed a generally high pervasiveness in mental health issues.

  The lockdown forced students worldwide to study from home and access their classesonline. This proved to be quite a challenge in some countries especially developing nations.Countries like Kenya had to suspend school since most of its counties do not have developedinternet infrastructure thus many individuals from poverty-stricken areas do not have accessto the internet. Kathula (2020) affirms that the Kenyan government together with the Ministryof education introduced ways that the students could get basic education such as broadcastingon TV and FM stations for access to people in rural areas.

   Ghose (2020) states that the forced lockdown has resulted in many people losing theirjobs in India as others were forced to work from home. India is quite known for very pooremployment conditions regardless of the country’s rapid economic growth. The Covid – 19lockdown has made the situation worse for its citizens. The cessation of movement hasaffected all kinds of industries particularly the transport industry as people can no longeroffer transportation services to and from different places in the country. The food and healthindustries continue to thrive despite the lockdown although the transportation of perishablegoods has proved to be difficult due to the travel bans. The lockdown imposed on India by itsPrime Minister was set to last for 21days restricting all its people.

   Desai (2021) affirms that the lockdown imposed on France has resulted in a decline inthe country’s tourism industry by almost 41 percent. The tourism industry accounts for 8percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. It has created employment for millions ofindividuals including the hospitality and food industries. Therefore foreign tourists notcoming to the country means there are no employment opportunities for a huge number ofpeople depending on the tourism sector. However, it is expected to get back at its feet byfocusing on domestic tourism in the country.

   Socrates (2021) cites that international trade restrictions in developing countries haveimpeded trade in that there has been an increase in taxes, trading costs, and border clearances.

   This highly affects the supply of products especially perishable goods like fruits, foodproducts, and flowers. This leads to losses on the part of traders and a negative rapportbetween the traders and their customers is established. The lockdown has also created a highdemand for food and medicinal products as the majority are purchasing goods out of fear oflacking in case the situation becomes dire. In most developing countries the imports weremostly affected than the exports. In a situation whereby an industry is dependent on importedgoods then the particular industry suffers adverse losses.

   The crime rates have reduced significantly since the lockdown was put in place invarious regions such as in England. According to Casciani et al (2021), this is because veryfew people are moving out of their homes into the streets thus robbery or pickpocketingincidences have reduced. However, there has been an increase in drug crime as many aredepressed and turn to drugs for comfort. There has also been a rise in the number of suicidecases due to the Covid -19 lockdown. Cases of domestic violence have had a surge as victimsof abuse are forced to stay at home with their abusers.

   The reproduction of animals is greatly affected by human activities such as pollutionfrom industrial effluents. These cause air pollution and water pollution thus directly affectingthe animals. Manenti et al (2021) affirm that the chemicals present in the pollutants affect theanimals’ genetic makeup when consumed therefore altering their reproductive systems. Whenthe lockdown was introduced, it resulted in the shutting down of some industries and thereduction in production for some industries. This leads to a decrease in pollution and greathealth benefits to the said animals.

   Airplanes, cars, and industries have caused so much carbon emissions to theenvironment lowering the quality of air that we breathe. Bartley (2020) suggests that thecoronavirus crisis has brought about a safer world as it is much less polluted by humanactivities. Although the virus has resulted in thousands of deaths globally, it has also improved the environmental situation slightly and individuals should aim at keeping theenvironment safer for everyone else including all living creatures. It is therefore thegovernment’s role to come up with measures that will keep the environment safe even whenthe pandemic is over and done with.

   Despite the Covid – 19 lockdown affecting peoples’ financial status, mental andphysical health, the economy at large, and education, it has proved to reduce the number ofinfections thus lowering the number of Covid -19 infected individuals. This stringent measureput in place by governments has proved to have the safety of the citizens as a priority.


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