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123HelpMe Overview

Ease of Use

This article aims to provide reliable and truthful information about 123HelpMe.com. It is a legitimate platform that offers academic assistance for students. Yet, can you trust all of the positive 123 Help Me reviews? In this article, we’ll thoroughly examine the service and give you the answer.

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Can 123HelpMe assist me?

123HelpMe is a noteworthy service. The platform greets you with the suggestion to find writing inspiration and complete your assignments. It is quite an elegant way to offer academic assistance to newcomers. Yet, like with any other professional service, there is always room for improvement.

The many returning customers and other noticeable service features made us check the platform personally. More than one 123HelpMe review noted that the platform provides authentic essays written by professionals. The pool of writing experts consists of people with at least a year of experience in writing and extensive knowledge of academic subjects of choice.

So, let’s check all these claims and features together. You will learn more about 123HelMe.com service from our first-hand experience, with all the pros and cons we’ve discovered.

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123HelpMe Main Advantages and Drawbacks

Many of the 123HelpMe reviews point out the following advantages and disadvantages:



Communication with a 123HelpMe Writer

Сommunication with the service’s writer was one of our disappointments with the service. The order’s placement was smooth. We ordered a six-page essay about Hegel’s dialectical idealism for college with a deadline of seven days. Usually, we choose tighter deadlines, but this time, we decided to give the service a bit of a gap.

The writer accepted the request gladly and assured us that the results would be the best. We saw the first version of the essay three days later, and it was mediocre at best. When we pointed out mistakes and inconsistencies, the writer insisted they fulfilled all the instructions.

We argued for a revision for at least two hours before turning to customer support. Yet, communication with the support team was also painfully slow. Many 123 Help Me reviews omit this factor, pointing out the brighter sides of the service. Yet, the issue is still there.

In the end, we managed to get a revised version of the paper. It was only marginally better, but at least someone could submit it.  However, the overall experience of communication with the writer was mostly negative. The writing experts are supposed to act professionally, not quarrelsome. They should learn from such great services like essayservice reviews or essaypro reviews how to choose the best writers.

How to Purchase Your Essay From 123HelpMe Writing Service

Placing your order at 123HelpMe paper writing service is no head-scratcher. All you need to do is follow the simple steps described below.


Enter the 123HelpMe website and find the submission form in the upper left corner of your screen.


Select the type of service, the deadline, the level of writer, the number of pages, and the currency.


Fill in the personal information form by providing your name, email address, and phone number.


Provide the details on your paper and select the additional services your order may require.


After checking all the details, click the “Checkout” button and select a suitable payment method.

123HelpMe Writer

123HelpMe Discounts?

123HelpMe com is a relatively new player in the market—the more surprising is that there are no clear indications regarding its discounts. First-time customers can get a 10% discount, but you will learn only when you place your first order. 123HelpMe insists that the subscription model is a new and affordable way to pay for the service. The trick is that you get access to essay samples via subscription and must pay extra for additional services.

Although the platform technically offers discounts, it would be easier to find one that ensures the affordability of its services. The subscription-based model can also provide specific discounts if you subscribe annually. On the other hand, why do you need academic essays throughout the year?

123HelpMe deals with discounts without consideration for the customer and just makes it a part of an academic writing service checklist. The fact that you need to negotiate special pricing with customer support does not make the situation any more appealing.

123HelpMe Pricing Policy and Payment Options

The starting price at 123HelpMe.com is $10 per page. This is the market’s baseline, so the service offers an acceptable charge per page. Yet, you pay $10 per page when the deadline is not urgent, and the essay is not too complex. Each of these factors may quickly inflate the final price tag. Therefore, if you wish to gain maximum benefit from the service, you should place the order in advance. Such an approach, in turn, narrows 123HelpMe's scope of benefits. You can also buy a subscription to the service. 123HelpMe offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans with $29.95, $59.85, and $119.40 price tags, respectively. These plans allow you to access essay samples and modify them yourself or pay extra to have them personalized for your needs.  Yet, you should know that you only get access to essay samples with these subscriptions. The samples, in turn, may not be of the highest quality. More than one 123helpme.com review mentions that canceling a subscription is tricky, so you should be extra careful and attentive.

123HelpMe Customer Support

123HelpMe customer support is a mixed bag. We encountered an issue with slow answers and poor communication in general. We also saw a 123HelpMe review that mentioned complete blocking after asking too many questions. At the same time, it is hard to say that the platform is a scam or that it disrespects its clients consistently.

Customer support quality directly depends on the person who will assist you, and some customer service team members are not very good at their job. If you don’t have questions regarding the service and how it operates - your overall experience will be smooth. If questions or concerns arise - be ready to get a mixed treatment and spend some time figuring out a precise answer to your concern.

Better customer services are available in the market, but 123HelpMe customer support is not the worst we have seen. You still get assistance and answers, but they take more effort than they should.

Is 123HelpMe a Legal Service?

We want to emphasize that 123HelpMe is not a scam; many 123HelpMe reviews prove that. The website has a privacy policy and terms and conditions pages, ensuring that customers and clients are on the same page. They deliver all the promised services and assistance, from essay samples to grammar-checking tools.

Still, the quality of this assistance is in question. You can access essay samples via the subscription model, but it would be best to double-check these samples before making any edits. Moreover, the service’s writing experts may still fail to follow your instructions or write a decent paper.

123HelpMe is a legal service that still has much room for improvement.

123HelpMe Papers Quality

The writer assigned to our philosophy essay handled the task correctly after one revision. However, we encountered 123HelpMe reviews of the service that mentioned more than five fruitless attempts. Generally, people complain about failing to follow the instructions, poor formatting, and lack of consistency. The deadlines do not affect the situation much: even texts with extended time for submission need additional polishing and a couple of revisions.

While plenty of essay samples are on the website, it lacks information about the writers. 123HelpMe claims that each writing expert has at least a year of experience in writing and an extensive academic background. At the same time, we don’t know their names, credentials, or other relevant information.

The lower-than-average papers quality allows us to assume that these experts are not as proficient as the platform presents them.

123HelpMe Plagiarism: Essays and Samples

123Help Me claims to provide wholly original papers like many other professional writing platforms. Moreover, the website has a plagiarism checker to ensure that the essay you get is authentic. We checked the essay with this tool to learn how things work and got only 2% of plagiarism.

Yet, other plagiarism checkers showed 7% to 9% of plagiarised content. It felt more like sloppiness instead of malicious intent, but it still does not excuse the overall low quality of the writing.  The situation with the essay samples is even worse.

Subscription-based essays scored 10% to 13% in plagiarism, showing obscure blogs and random websites as sources. Double-check the results yourself if you order an essay on the platform.

123HelpMe Customers’ Reviews

For objectivity, we checked 123 HelpMe reviews on other websites to compare our experience with other customers. People were primarily unsatisfied with the service due to the low quality of written essays and poor communication. At the same time, there were genuinely positive reviews that praised the platform and its features. The views mainly varied due to the websites: Sitejabber showed 4.6, while Trustpilot only 2.7.

It is possible to find the bright sides of the services, and some essays can turn out decent. However, there are no guarantees that your paper will be made by a genuine writing expert, not a struggling writer.  

We do not recommend our users turn to 123HelpMe due to the inconsistency of its services.

123HelpMe Reviews

Bottom Line

123HelpMe is not the worst pick for the academic assistance service. It has a few interesting features, and the subscription model offers another layer of availability. Still, these bells and whistles do not compensate for the lack of essay quality.

Communication with writers and support team leaves much to be desired, and essay samples score an unforgivably high plagiarism percentage.

We do not recommend the 123HelpMe writing platform. There are better and more affordable alternatives that will help you with your educational challenges.

If you need a paper written quickly and with high quality, it is better to spend time on additional research and check out services like Domyessay reviews and Essayhub reviews rather than committing to 123HelpMe.

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Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
Customer support is not insufficient.
The service representative addressed all my questions swiftly and professionally, and the paper was ok.
Daniel R.
January 12, 2024
Essay Reviews
This service is a laughingstock.
Communication was abysmal, and they missed all the deadlines. I had to come up with something myself for my presentation. At least I could get my money back, so it is two instead of one.
Yuri L.
June 17, 2023
Essay Reviews
Thank you for the work
Yet, I got a lower score due to the missed deadlines…
Kate O.
August 09, 2023

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