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Find out more about me, my personal life, and the mission of running the site essay reviews. I hope my site will help you with your essays!

About me

My childhood was quite interesting. My family is originally from Yorkshire. When I was little, my parents and I moved to California, and after many long gloomy English days, I finally saw the sun. Since childhood, I could write because I read a lot, so I had no problems with my imagination. That's why I enjoyed writing essays so much at the California School and Stanford University during my studies.

After graduation, I wanted to continue writing, so I got a job as an article and news editor at New York Times News. It made me happy to know that my articles and essay reviews were helping someone make a choice and making their life easier. When I retired, I couldn't figure out what to do for a long time. So I did what I love so much: read books. That was until the day my grandson bought an essay on a website that turned out to be bad and scammed him out of his money.

It didn't bother me at all that my grandson wanted to buy an essay because I realized that not everyone loves writing as much as I do. So I said to myself: "Sue Ann Bowling, you've got to do something" - so I started researching the essay writing services reviews and selecting the best essay-writing sites. I contacted many sites, placed orders on complex topics, and did an essay review from start to finish, and thanks to this, my grandson received a list of the best services that would help him in his studies. But one day, he said the following words: "Grandma, you just have to help others."

My Mission

After my grandson's words, I thought about it. Why don't I use my experience in writing and my experience with essay writing services to help others?

At that moment, I was determined to run my own website. Although I didn't know how to create a website, an old friend helped me and showed me the basics of how to use it. Given my experience, I decided I would write about the best essay writing services.

I wanted every student to be able to take a few minutes to read essay reviews, written thanks to my research, and in return, get an answer to their question, and use the best service and say in their head, ""Thank you, Sue Ann Bowling.""

In addition, While conducting research, I came across many dubious services that are not safe, so I wrote about it so that other students would not endanger themselves like my grandson.

I hope my website Essay-Reviews.com will help you with what you are looking for!

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