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EssayShark's rating of 3.5 stars from 879 reviews reflects diverse opinions. While some customers praise the platform for its excellence, others strongly condemn it as the worst. The varied essay shark review shed light on users' differing experiences and perspectives.

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Essayshark: reliable or not?

Is EssayShark legit and credible writing assistance? We invite you to deep dive into this well-regarded platform. Peruse the myriad reviews of EssayShark, underlining their dedication to authenticity and respect. They assure customer satisfaction and strive to address any potential concerns. Their roster boasts carefully vetted professionals, all with over a year's experience.

In light of the considerable number of repeat customers, we resolved to personally evaluate their offerings by requesting help with essay writing. Our extensive scrutiny revealed their work to be noteworthy. Yet, as with any service, there's always room for growth. Let's explore essay shark reviews together. We'll offer a detailed account of our experiences, emphasizing what we found commendable and areas ripe for improvement.

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EssayShark review: Unveiling key pros and cons

We have gathered the primary advantages and disadvantages of EssayShark, so let's examine them.



Engaging with a writer on EssayShark

Regrettably, our recent interaction with the assignment EssayShark was quite disappointing. The writers at this service, who are often ready to assist, lack comprehensive knowledge about the subject matter of their assignments. This revelation was surprising and raised questions about their overall competence.
While the writers were generally helpful, we observed a negative shift in their demeanor when clients tried to provide direction or request revisions. This attitude hinders a productive client-writer relationship; potential users need to be aware of it.

Some errors in our order did not meet our initial expectations. While we reached out to the writer for revisions, they took some time to respond to our messages. Eventually, they politely declined our request, mentioning that it might be unnecessary.

Is EssayShark legit assistance? Yes, it is. But, legitimacy does not necessarily translate to effectiveness. A service might be legal, but if the writers don't deliver quality work, it's not much use to students looking for reliable academic assistance.

What's more, witnessing spelling mistakes in a paper intended for college-level work was very disheartening. This paper was supposedly written by a "highly qualified professional." Such errors are inexcusable and raise serious doubts about the writer's qualifications.

How to Place Your Order at EssayShark Writing Platform

Placing your order at EssayShark paper writing service is not that hard β€’ the process is intuitive. Just follow the steps described below.


Enter the EssayShark website and find the order form in the upper right corner of your screen.


Enter your email address, select the type of paper, number of pages, and deadline.


Provide your essay’s topic, discipline, academic level, and detailed instructions.


Check the bids that writers offer and select the one that suits you the best.


Select the preferable payment method and track the order progress.


Once the paper is ready, check it against your requirements and ask for revisions if needed.

Essayshark's Writers

How about the discount policy?

Is EssayShark trustworthy? Probably yes!

Essayshark regularly provides discounts. The pricing is typically determined based on factors such as the client's experience level, the complexity of the task, and the desired deadline. Additionally, they offer promo codes that can grant you an additional discount, making their services even more affordable. This approach enables even high school students with limited budgets to benefit from their reasonable rates. The company's flexibility shines through as they strive to meet every customer's requirements, making it evident that they prioritize fulfilling the needs of those seeking assistance.

Regarding inquiries like "Is EssayShark safe?," we can confidently say that they have demonstrated a strong commitment to safety and reliability.

However, as with any business, there is always room for improvement. Much like domyessay reviews and essayhub reviews, they can reevaluate their discount policy to further enhance their service. By considering the importance of affordability in their service line, EssayShark can adopt a more flexible discount strategy that will not only maintain their reputation for safety and reliability but also greatly appeal to their primary clientele - students. This proactive step could prove instrumental in aligning their services more closely with the financial realities of students and ensuring a positive experience for their valued customers.

Pricing and free arrangement

EssayShark prices begin at $13.4 per page, a rate that will not dip below this baseline. The relevant information regarding this matter can be easily accessed on the homepage of their website for your convenience.
Please note that when you place an order, it is important to be mindful that the price may rise, especially if you choose to include extra services to ensure the superior quality of your paper.

In terms of the question, "Is EssayShark reliable?" Our response is a resounding yes! Our experiences have shown us that they deliver on their promises and that they are a trustworthy source of academic assistance. However, it's crucial to highlight that their pricing may not be considered student-friendly.
While the starting cost is relatively clear and transparent, the potential for additional charges could lead to a higher overall cost than initially anticipated. This variable pricing model might be a significant consideration for students who are often budget-conscious.
Although we can attest to their reliability, we must note that we cannot definitively assert that their pricing structure is specifically tailored to fit a student's budget. Considering this aspect when selecting an academic assistance platform is crucial.

EssayShark Prices

Support team available for help

Is EssayShark cheating? No! Based on our personal experience, their customer service support team was relatively satisfactory. However, numerous online reviews paint a different picture, sharing accounts of poor service received from this department. Some individuals even claim to have been blocked for asking too many questions, such as inquiring about the plagiarism scanner used, among other concerns. It appears that the level of satisfaction and treatment received may vary significantly depending on each case. It is worth noting that the more dissatisfied customers are with their work, the higher the likelihood of being ignored or treated unprofessionally.

Does EssayShark work? The answer is yes, it does. They provide a platform where customers can request academic assistance and have their papers written by professional writers. Despite the mixed reviews and potential customer service issues, the service's core function remains operational.

When considering using EssayShark's services, it is prudent to take into account the mixed feedback and potential variability in customer service experiences. While they may provide a functional service, it is crucial to manage expectations and be prepared for potential challenges regarding support and customer satisfaction.

EssayShark's legal policies and regulations

Is EssayShark reliable? Indeed, EssayShark is a reputable and secure platform. The business is officially registered in Cyprus. Despite some negative reviews that label it as a scam or link it to cheating practices, it remains a secure platform. EssayShark is a reliable entity that values your personal and payment information security. It's also worth noting that the chances of your professor finding out about your engagement with this service are minimal.

Evaluation of paper quality on EssayShark

Should we trust EssayShark? When discussing this question, it is essential to consider whether it is a wise choice for enhancing your academic performance. We believe a significant level of risk is involved, not primarily due to privacy concerns but rather due to the quality of the papers you can expect to receive. Several users have reported paper delays, and we also experienced a minor delay. Additionally, the quality of the papers we received was questionable. Subsequently, we would not feel confident submitting such forms, as they could potentially harm our academic performance instead of improving it.

We encourage you to explore essayservice reviews and essaypro reviews to see examples of more reliable and high-quality services. It is essential to seek authentic and unbiased reviews from other users with firsthand experience with the service. These reviews can provide valuable insights into the reliability, quality, and overall satisfaction of using EssayShark.

Considering the potential risks associated with paper delays and subpar quality, it is advisable to proceed with caution when choosing EssayShark as a means to enhance your academic performance. Exploring genuine reviews from others will aid in making an informed decision and ensuring that the service aligns with your academic goals and requirements.

Plagiarism policy on EssayShark

Does EssayShark work? Yes! Plagiarism is a serious concern that we experienced firsthand. Upon requesting a paper revision, the writer insisted on additional payment, claiming it wasn't justified otherwise. However, our revision request was pertinent and well-defined. We found about 19% of the content was plagiarized, lifted from dubious websites and unknown blogs rather than reputable, peer-reviewed articles. Plagiarism in academic papers is wholly unacceptable as it compromises the work's integrity.

Discover service evaluations and feedback

So, is EssayShark trustworthy? To provide you with a glimpse, here are a few examples of the reviews we gathered:

Essay shark review: When reviewing a company like EssayShark, it is crucial to consider its online reputation, as it significantly influences its overall performance. We conducted extensive research on multiple independent platforms for unbiased reviews to form an objective assessment. We carefully examined many entries, including over 100 on Reviews.io. As expected, the opinions expressed varied greatly, ranging from negative feedback like "will never go with EssayShark again" to positive remarks like "best essay writing service ever."

Essayshark reviews

In closing: Key takeaways and reflections

Our final assessment: We cannot recommend using EssayShark!

Despite EssayShark's presence in the market and expertise in academic writing, the overall quality of their papers is disappointingly subpar. This indicates a significant need for improvement in order to meet customer expectations.

We suggest reviewing other services such as Domyessay, EssayPro, and Essay Service for alternative options. These services have garnered positive feedback from users. Additionally, our collection of essay writing website reviews provides a comprehensive understanding of various service providers. If you have any remaining questions about EssayShark, revisiting our Essayshark reviews should provide sufficient information.

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Frequently asked queries regarding EssayShark service

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Is Essayshark trustworthy, or does it provide high-quality papers?

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Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
The content was completely original
Disputed a terrible paper. Customer support estimates 2-3 weeks for dispute team assessment and contact. I emailed customer service about my 99 papers experience, which got me thinking about is 99papers legal? I'm unsure of my refund. *Edubirdie - Expensive yet quality-tested.
Daniel N.
June 7, 2023
Essay Reviews
Instead of saving me from sleepless nights and overwhelming stress with my essay, they managed to make both worse. The quality of their work was poor, leaving me frustrated and disappointed. In the end, their contribution did nothing but exacerbate my problems, and I'm left regretting the decision to seek their help.
Jane O.
June 26, 2023
Essay Reviews
I'm extremely dissatisfied!
OMG, the paper was riddled with errors and arrived incredibly slowly. I'm extremely dissatisfied! There's no way I'm going to consider returning for my upcoming finals. What a disappointment!
Rebecca B.
June 13, 2023

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