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Just what is PaperWriter?

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We have a team of researchers who check different academic writing services and write in-depth reviews to help clients choose. Here, we’ll discuss one of the industry leaders, PaperWriter, and determine if you can trust the PaperWriter reviews you see online.

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PaperWriter.com: First Look

PaperWriter is a popular academic writing service, which is clear from the numerous online reviews. Some praise PaperWriter; others are less than complimentary. We understand how confusing it might be, especially for a client new to paper writing services.

That’s why we encourage you to read our in-depth Paper Writer review. You will learn everything you need to know about this service—from prices to the quality of writing to communication with the support team. Our researchers have personally tested Paper Writer to have an authentic buying experience.

Hopefully, our review will help you decide whether PaperWriter is the academic writing service you’ve been looking for or if it makes more sense to look elsewhere. It’s always a good idea to make any purchasing decision only after weighing all the pros and cons.

You don’t need to overpay when you don’t have to.

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PaperWriter’s Key Pros and Cons

As you can see from PaperWriter’s customer satisfaction scores on websites like Sitejabber and Reviews.io and the high 4.8/5 score we gave the service, most customers are happy with their experiences with PaperWriter.Still, we understand that making sense of thousands of Paper Writer reviews available isn’t easy; things can get confusing quickly. We’re here to help.



Communication with a PaperWriter Writer

Before writing this PaperWriter review, we carefully researched and tested the service. That’s what we always do to ensure our reviews are honest and cover each aspect of the writing service we’re writing about.

To do so, a member of our research team ordered a 5-page essay on the philosophy of economic efficiency. They also tried to order a 2-page math homework, but unfortunately, none of the PaperWriter writers who placed bids for that order seemed qualified, so we didn’t move forward with it.

So, were we happy with the writer-client communication on PaperWriter? Yes, and here’s why. Not all academic writing services allow their writers to text with potential clients before they are hired; PaperWriter does. Thanks to this feature, you get to talk to a few writers to understand their competence in the topic you need a paper on and make an informed choice.

Also, we must mention that the writer who worked on our economics essay was very communicative. They answered each of our messages throughout the writing process; we didn’t have to wait long. We were aware of the writing progress, which would put any client at ease.

How to Place an Order at PaperWriter

While the ordering process may be a bit confusing for first-time customers, PaperWriter does a good job of guiding every user through it. We also appreciated how the platform helps you select a good expert for your order.


Register at PaperWriter or log into your account to place and track your order.


Open the order form and fill out all the fields. Make sure you attach the grading rubric and sources if necessary.


Click Next Step to make your order visible to PaperWriter’s helpers.


Compare writer profiles and chat directly with bidders to select the most suitable expert.


Use the secure payment gateway to add funds to your account.


Your writer will get to work; you’ll get an email notification when your order is ready.


Check out your order, ask for revisions if necessary, and pay your helper.

PaperWriter Writer

Does PaperWriter Have Any Discounts?

Another question we keep seeing about Paper Writer (as well as other academic writing services) is whether or not it has any discounts for first-time or extra-loyal clients. Yes, if you have a PaperWriter promo code—which you can find on relevant websites, such as Essay Reviews or NoCramming—you can get 10% off your first order. If you order a longer paper, the discount will increase to 20-25%.

However, we recommend you stick to reliable coupon providers—the two we’ve mentioned are your best options, really. The problem is that many platforms that claim to give away discount codes for academic writing services don’t verify and update their codes diligently enough. You will often end up with a coupon code that’s outdated and utterly useless.

As this was our first time using PaperWriter, we couldn’t hope for a loyalty discount. However, according to some of the reviews we’ve seen, the service does have occasional offers for returning clients, for example, a free page. You will need to double-check this, but PaperWriter’s discount system looks promising so far.

PaperWriter’s Pricing Structure

Prices are a key aspect of any academic writing service, which is natural, as most students have a tight budget. Our Paper Writer review would be useless if we didn’t cover the service’s prices. So, let’s discuss how much you can expect to pay if you order a paper from Paper Writer.

As is always the case, the order price depends on several factors, such as the number of pages, the academic level, and the deadline. Also, for some orders, the type of assignment can affect the price as well—for example, if there are a lot of calculations involved.

We ordered a 5-page undergraduate-level essay with a 24-hour deadline. Without the discount, we would pay $71.25 for it. However, as Paper Writer offers discounts for larger orders, we only paid $57 (20% off).

As you can see, Paper Writer is more affordable than most academic writing services. The price per page starts at $10.8 and doesn’t exceed $24.75 for extra complicated and urgent orders. That is roughly 15% less than what’s considered the industry average.

Customer Support Team

But the list of great things about Paper Writer.com doesn’t end there. In addition to communicative writers and low prices, it has the most helpful and responsive customer support team we’ve seen in the academic writing industry. Sure, it’s possible that our research team got lucky, but that’s not very likely.

The more probable explanation is that PaperWriter genuinely has exceptional customer support. That’s important, especially if you’re new to academic writing services and don’t yet understand all the ins and outs.

Before placing the order, we contacted PaperWriter’s support team and asked them for help filling out the order form and choosing the writer. They could have easily directed us to PaperWriter’s How To Order section. Instead, the support team member we were talking to explained everything in detail, gave us a few tips, and thoroughly answered every question.

Moreover, once we received the first draft of our essay, we talked to the support team again because we wanted to request a minor revision. They didn’t disappoint—they guided us through the revision process and ensured we could stay in touch with the writer as they were polishing our paper.

PaperWriter’s Terms and Policies

Another thing every potential client needs to know about Paper Writer is what it guarantees to all clients. Those policies aim to protect customers, and they do. So, what can you count on when ordering from PaperWriter?

First—and probably the most important thing—PaperWriter does promise that your paper will be revised for free if something about it contradicts the initial instructions or isn’t up to your standards. To test if PaperWriter delivers on its promises, we requested a revision and asked the writer to change the structure of the paper a little bit (after we’d already seen the first draft). They agreed instantly and revised our paper in less than two hours.

However, that’s not all. PaperWriter also guarantees a free plagiarism check, a free outline (if you’re ordering a paper), and a money-back guarantee. It’s very impressive compared to some competitors.

Writing Quality at PaperWriter

If you look up a few PaperWriter.com reviews online, you will see that most PaperWriter’s clients are happy with the quality of their writing. Hundreds of reviews praise PaperWriter writers’ competence, writing skills, and familiarity with the disciplines they work with.

When placing our order, we looked at the list of bidders and saw that quite a few of them had a degree in economics and relevant industry experience. The writer we chose has completed over 2,000 economics-focused papers, and most other clients’ reviews were raving.

Even the first look at the draft we received proved we’d made the right choice. The paper was well-informed, well-researched, and well-written. Given the time constraints, we doubt a person without a relevant degree could deliver such a stellar essay.

PaperWriter’s Plagiarism Policies

Once again, glancing at PaperWriter reviews will show you that if plagiarism is your concern, you have nothing to worry about. According to the PaperWriter support team, every paper the writer completes passes a thorough plagiarism check before reaching the client. If there is anything unoriginal or poorly cited in it, the writer must fix it.

We have no doubts that the paper we received from PaperWriter was 100% plagiarism-free. We requested an originality report and were sent one for free. Then, we used a few alternative plagiarism detection tools. The result was reassuring everywhere.

Also, we have no complaints about our writer’s referencing and citing skills. Everything was properly cited, and the bibliography further proved the writer’s knowledge of the philosophy of economic efficiency. If you’re considering PaperWriter, there’s no reason to worry about plagiarism.

What Do Other Reviews Say?

The overwhelming majority of PaperWriter reviews are positive, hence its impressive 4.8 and 4.9 ratings on review platforms. Clients have mostly good things to say about PaperWriter’s quality of writing, communication with the writer and the support team, and prices.

Having tested the service ourselves (and considering how well-familiar we are with the academic writing industry), we agree. To be fully transparent, a small percentage of the clients are disappointed with the papers they got from PaperWriter, but they are rare and far between.

The ratio of good versus bad reviews is roughly 30:1, which is better than what we usually see in this industry. Study writers’ profiles carefully and select the best expert for your order.

Paperwriter Reviews

PaperWriter: Final Verdict

Overall, our experience with PaperWriter was a pleasant surprise. We knew that most clients had good things to say about this academic writing service, but we didn’t expect to be this happy with the result. Almost everything—from our communication with the support team to the quality of writing to the writer’s prompt responses to our messages—was top-notch.

The only negative thing we have to say about PaperWriter is that we failed to find a competent writer for our maths homework order. A couple of writers placed bids, but none had relevant education or much experience with math assignments. Perhaps PaperWriter is designed mainly for standard paper types, such as essays and research papers. Or maybe it was our unlucky day.

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