Paper24 Review: What Past Users Have to Say?

Paper24's online service has a rating of 3.2 stars out of 5.0 based on the 633 comments on review aggregators, indicating overall customer dissatisfaction. While some praise the service, other commenters cite writers who are rude and ignore instructions, as well as unresponsive support.

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What is Paper24?
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As you can see, things don’t look so bright. The service has an okay pricing, intuitive website, and quite responsive support. However, there’s nothing special about the features, and the quality of the papers is subpar. Paper24 reviews don’t help much with the service’s reputation.

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Figuring Out Whether Paper24 Is a Reliable Service

The first question that we need to answer is: what is Paper24? It’s one of the newest online academic helpers. And when we say the newest, we’re being serious, as the service was launched in 2023. It offers help with various assignments, from simple high school essays to postgraduate dissertations.

At first glance, it seems that Paper24 is attracting rave reviews from customers, but if you browse through the users’ comments, you can see a familiar picture. Positive reviews are as simple as “great service” or “helped me with the paper.” When you check negative comments, they are full of details of what exactly went wrong.

Unresponsive customer support, low-quality papers, plagiarized content, and even rudeness of writers are just some of the things customers mention. Investigating the service, we figured out that those comments were far from being far-fetched. Thus, we cannot call Paper24 reliable, at least not in terms of the quality of work.

The negative comments of past users are not that far-fetched.

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Exploring the Main Benefits and Downsides of Paper24

After investigating the service for the Paper 24 review, we can come to several conclusions. While the service is not without benefits, they don’t make any significant impact on the academic helper’s reputation.



Working With Paper24 Writers

Based on multiple negative Paper 24 reviews, the work of the writers is far from being perfect. And if you’ve seen as many essay writing services as we have, you would have noticed some of the red flags by simply checking out the service’s writers.

Firstly, they have no photos. Instead, you can see avatars. The profiles are clickable, and upon clicking, you can check the run-of-the-mill bio and customer testimonials.

The funniest thing is the number of reviews that the writer apparently has and the number of reviews that can be checked differ greatly. For instance, the author has 50 testimonials, but only 3 of them are visible to you.

But what can be said about collaborating with Paper24 writers? We’ve ordered a seven-page essay on social and psychological problems characters encounter in fiction when trying to fit in.

We’ve provided the list of books and films the writer should’ve mentioned in the essay, namely Celeste Ng’s book “Everything I Never Told You,” Ocean Vuong’s debut novel “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous,” and Adrian Lynn’s film “Jacob’s Ladder.” None of that was mentioned in the initial version of the submitted paper. The revised paper faired better but had other issues we’ll disclose a bit later.

How Do You Order a Paper?

Easy. The whole process is pretty straightforward, and you don’t need to put much effort into it. Here’s the breakdown in steps:


Click “Get Started” to register on the site, then hit the “+” to place a new order.


Indicate the basics, like your paper type, topic, subject, level, length, and deadline.


Add details to make your request crystal clear, or attach your prompt, if any.


Look through the list of writers willing to work on your paper.


See whose expertise matches your order or chat with writers until you choose one.


Make the payment via Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or Discover.


Wait for your paper to be done and request free revisions up to 14 days after if needed.

Paper24 Writers

What Can Be Said About the Discount Policy

When it comes to discounts, Paper24 suggests customers follow the service on various social media networks to stay aware of offers. Judging from that suggestion, Paper24 provides coupons for customers to pay less. However, there are other ways to pay less, especially on your first order.

You can get a discount based on the number of pages your assignment has. For example, you can get 5% off if you order two pages. If your order is longer than three pages, you get 10% off. If your paper exceeds ten pages, you can get a maximum discount of 35%. But that’s not all.

While there’s no clear information on the discounts in the Terms & Conditions, the platform states that writers can give you a discount on the order. We can neither prove nor disprove the information, as we got 35% off on the order we placed for our investigation.

The surprising fact is that none of the rave reviews that the service got even hinted at writers giving discounts to their customers. Of course, we can speculate that’s something that doesn’t happen at all. Yet, it is possible that some users are lucky to get a discount from a writer.

Paper24 Pricing System

The pricing system is rather interesting. The starting price is $11.40 per page. If you need the paper urgently, be prepared to pay $20 per page.

But Paper24 cost of work is not defined exactly by the deadline, number of pages, or the complexity of the assignment. Actually, it is, but not completely. The strange pricing system relies on the strange hiring system.

When you go through the writer’s profile, there’s “how to hire me” information, which bluntly states that you can’t hire this particular writer. You need to place the order first and then accept the bids of writers, simply hoping that the one you wanted to hire would place their bid.

So, the price that you get from the calculator by providing the number of pages and the deadline is only an approximate one. Paper24 prices are further affected by the writers’ bids.

Paper24 Pricing

Communicating With the Customer Support Team

To answer the question, “Is Paper24 trustworthy?” ‒ you can simply communicate with the service’s customer support team. Some reviews pointed out that the support team was unresponsive. We didn’t experience anything remotely like that.

Vincent replied to our inquiry within less than a minute. But it was the reply itself that made us realize where the idea of unresponsiveness comes from. Not that the support service ignores your messages. They do reply, but it’s the way they reply that makes things even more confusing. Overall, we got the impression that we were communicating rather with a bot than a real person.

We stated that we were hesitant to proceed with the order because of the negative reviews that we found online. We asked Vincent to provide any comments on that.

Generally, a support agent would ask to clarify which negative comments we were talking about. Instead, Vincent said that there were a lot of positive reviews as well and proceeded to push us to place an order, emphasizing the extreme level of writers’ expertise and free plagiarism reports. For the sake of the investigation, we did give in.

Legal Aspects of the Paper24 Writing Service

Given everything you already know about the service, the question, “Is Paper24 legit?” is — no pun intended — quite legit. Yet, everything is fair when you consider the legal aspects of the service.

Thus, the short answer is – yes. Paper24 is legit. It’s not trying to scam its customers. Basically, it delivers what it promises, more or less. They do provide academic help to students.

Yet, you have to be extremely vigilant upon receiving the finished task to make sure it corresponds to all your requirements and formatting standards. And if it doesn’t, you should request revisions or, better, revise the paper yourself.

Submit the delivered paper as it is, and you will join the elite group of past customers who leave angry and detailed negative comments on the review aggregators, warning others to stay away from the service.

The Quality of Papers: What to Expect

So, you already know that the books we asked the writer to expand on were completely omitted from our essay. Instead, it was an extremely long and wordy paper on the general social and psychological struggles of fitting in. There were some problems with grammar and spelling that allowed us to suspect that our writer, although he knew English quite well, wasn’t a native speaker.

And here we encountered another problem. When we tried to chat with the writer directly, we got no reply. We had to arrange a revision with the support service. Gladly, this time, the support agent was less bot than Vincent.

Because of the revision, we had to extend the deadline. Instead of fourteen days, we got the finished paper within sixteen days.

So, what was the revised paper like? Basically, it was the same essay we got the first time but more polished. Grammar and spelling errors were fixed, and the essay became less wordy. And they finally added the examples that we asked for in our initial instructions. Needless to say, it looked pretty much like Frankenstein’s monster.

So, is Paper 24 reliable? Surely not in terms of quality. After all, our essay could’ve been good on the first submission.

What Can Be Said Regarding Plagiarism?

Now, call it the elephant in the room or the final nail in the coffin, we’re going to talk about plagiarized content. So, is Paper24 plagiarism free? Given that the plagiarism report was free, we requested one. And it showed that the paper was unique.

We all know that the percentage of plagiarized material may vary from one plagiarism detector to another. Thus, we decided to run our paper through several plagiarism checkers. One plagiarism detector showed 11%, the second one showed 9%, while the third showed 15%. Results like that were disappointing yet expectable. So, what did we get there?

We must admit that the main share of plagiarized content consisted of passages concerning the examples we’ve requested. Whoever revised our paper decided to tear out parts of sentences from reviews and articles on films and books we requested to be in our essay.

Mind that the service also promises that the papers they deliver have zero AI-crafted content. That’s not exactly true, as we ran the paper through several AI detectors as well. According to them, our order contained parts written by artificial intelligence.

Check Out Customer Reviews to Make Your Final Decision

While we covered most of the benefits and disadvantages of the service, you shouldn’t rely solely on us. If you want to know is Paper24 safe to use or not, you should definitely check out the reviews from past customers.

You can start from testimonials on the service’s website. Needless to say, you won’t find a single negative comment there. If you bother to read those reviews, you will clearly see that they not only serve as promotional material for the service but are written that way.

One review explains why the user needed the help of Paper24 and how they were grateful for the services provided without going into details about them. Another review states how amazing the service is and tells about the good grades they got using it without mentioning the subjects.

Things are different when you check comments on review aggregators. There, you will find information on the problems that we haven’t encountered while investigating the platform. Check both positive and negative reviews and decide what you want to believe. It will help you make the final conclusion.

Check Out Customer PaperHelp24 Reviews

Closing Thoughts on Paper24

The service has a stylish and easy-to-navigate website. It offers complete confidentiality to its users, as the only information you need to make an order is your email address. The support team is responsive, but you may get a feeling that you are communicating with a bot rather than with a real person.

You can get a more or less clear picture of how reliable is Paper24. Yet, there’s more than that. After all, the most important aspect of any online paper writing service is the competency of writers and the quality of papers.

Both comments on review aggregators and our investigation show that Paper24 provides their customers with papers of subpar quality, to say the least. The writers may ignore your instructions. The revisions may not improve the situation significantly. And finally, the papers may contain plagiarized materials.

As a result, we cannot recommend our readers to use Paper24 when they need help with writing assignments. However, it’s up to you whether to trust our review or check the service out at your own risk.

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Is Paper24 legit or not?

Does Paper24 provide plagiarism-free papers?

Is Paper24 trustworthy in terms of writers?

Does Paper24 scam its customers?

Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
Don’t recommend using the service.
Needed an essay on the importance of writing and turned to Paper24. The essay had to contain mentions of several writers. The service’s writer ignored the instructions and made several errors with the formatting. Gladly, I had enough time before the submission to rework it.
Peter S.
September 27, 2023
Essay Reviews
You're better off using another service or writing yourself.
I needed help with my term paper. Despite the detailed instructions, the writer did everything wrong. The revised paper was a bit better, but god, was I lucky that I ran it through AI detectors. Honestly, it’s better to use a different service or write the paper on your own.
Mica N.
June 08, 2023
Essay Reviews
Terrible service.
Had to do an essay on Samhain and how Halloween is misrepresented in pop culture. I even provided the materials to use. Well, I suspect that pop culture is the writer’s only source of information. Why did I even bother submitting the materials when they don’t use them?
Abel T.
October 17, 2023

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