AffordablePapers Review: General Information

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When choosing a company to help you out with your studies, you might decide to read some reviews about essay writing services. It is important to double-check facts when dealing with this type of service if you want to see the real picture instead of being cheated. We decided to help students by testing different essay writing services to find out which one is a scam and which one is a really reliable service. We publish only information backed by our independent research, so you can be sure our opinion can be trusted. As for those AffordablePapers essay reviews, we have decided not to trust them and to order a paper there to get a first-hand review. Here are the services you can expect to get there:

Different essays

Book, movie, literature reviews

Thesis writing

Dissertation writing

Report writing

AffordablePapers: Pros and Cons of Using this Service


This service is considerably cheaper than other essay writing services on the market. You can get a paper for very little money as prices start at $9 per page. In case you are a student on a budget, this will be a great option for you because of limited expenses.


The service seems to be pretty safe, so you do not need to be worried about being caught using AffordablePapers. You can feel free to share your personal information and payment details with the service; they will not reveal the information to third parties. 


You get a lot of options when it comes to deadlines. If you have an urgent paper at hand,  you can get help with it, as the minimum deadline this service works with is 4 hours. This means that they can take all of your stress away if you feel like you're going to miss a few deadlines. 


Although the service is cheap, the quality of their papers leaves much to be desired. The paper we ordered turned out to be of very poor quality. We would definitely get a failing grade for it. It has also made us doubt just how professional the company's writers are. We assume they are not even native speakers of English. 


If you are not satisfied with your paper, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back. We didn’t get ours. After getting the paper and realizing just how bad it is, we decided to request a refund.  However, the customer support representatives were doing their best to prove that we had no good reason to get a refund and that the paper was fine.


Our writer was not really responsive, so when we had some questions regarding the paper, we got no answer.

AffordablePapers Writers: Not Recommended

The experience we had with their writer was rather negative. The writer didn’t update us on the writing process, did not answer our questions, and was pretty much unavailable. In the end, we received a poorly written paper, full of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. What’s more, the writer didn't follow the initial instructions we stated. As a result, half of the essay content was irrelevant and generic. The formatting was also wrong, as the writer was clearly not aware of the latest academic writing updates. This was quite a disappointing experience. 

AffordablePapers Plagiarism

The content of our paper seemed to be unique; our plagiarism reports were negative. However, considering that most direct quotes were cited wrongly, some professors might define such mistakes as plagiarized content. There were lots of misspellings even in simple words, which means that the writer was rather careless about the paper or was writing it in a hurry, not giving the paper even a single final read to proofread it. Although the paper was cheap, it wasn’t worth the money we paid for it. No student should submit such papers if they want to have decent academic performance. 

AffordablePapers Sign Up Process

AffordablePapers login and sign up processes are pretty simple. It is quite easy to navigate around the site, and there are noticeable buttons that will take you to the needed pages, like signing up or placing an order. All you need is an active email address and a strong password. 

AffordablePapers Discount

Apart from offering you very affordable papers, this service also gives a 7% discount on your first order, which makes it quite attractive to students. However, this is more of a crafty marketing move to get more people interested in the service as the quality of their end product is very low. You pay peanuts – you get monkeys. The poor quality of their papers makes it pretty much a waste of money, even if you don’t have to spend much. It is more reasonable to find a more expensive service, one that will take greater care to deliver high-quality papers. 

Customer Service Support

Unlike their writers, customer support representatives are quite responsive here. There is a pop-up chat window on the homepage for you to be able to talk to them directly if you have some questions regarding the service or paper orders. Our experience with this department was pretty much positive, apart from the time when they refused to give us a refund and kept telling us that the paper we got was of decent quality and that they cannot return our money. The good thing is that they are at least responsive, so you will not be ignored here. 

AffordablePapers: Quality and Delivery

The quality of their papers is the weakest spot here. We ordered two different essays, both of which turned out pretty bad. There is no need to pay much for such a low level of the product, so their pricing might even be too high, considering that you will probably end up redoing the paper by yourself or even starting it from scratch. What’s more, one of the writers was late with their paper; they missed the deadline for about three hours. If we were students with a submission coming up, we would have failed it. The only good thing is that you don’t need to worry thinking “is AffordablePapers safe?” since it is completely safe to order their services. 

How Much Does AffordablePapers Cost?

You can see the AffordablePapers price system on their homepage. There is an online calculator to help you determine the price of your order based on your level of study, the number of pages that you need, and the deadline you can give to the writer. 

Does AffordablePapers Work?

Yes, the service does work, but the quality of the papers you will get here is rather questionable. They need to work a lot to improve the quality of the products they offer to their customers. 

Our Best Experience: