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Affordablepapers has a 4.1 star rating based on 179 reviews on review sites, which means that most customers are dissatisfied. Customers mention problems with money-back guarantee policies and poor paper quality. Affordablepapers is ranked 17th among essay writing sites with a 4.1 out of 5.0 in research.
Let’s explore this in more detail.

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AffordablePapers Review

Ease of Use

As you can see from our Affordable Papers review, the service has attractive prices, which is great for clients on a student budget.

However, the quality of the papers its writers deliver, the competence of the customer support team, and the service’s overall reputation could use some work.

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AffordablePapers: Is It Worth Trying?

If you check different online platforms with clients’ feedback, you’ll see that AffordablePapers.com reviews are mixed. There are positive and negative comments, and it might be difficult for an average customer who has never ordered from AffordablePapers to get to the bottom of things.

That’s why we decided to help students and place an order on AffordablePapers to check the service ourselves. We’ve ordered a 5-page university-level Philosophy essay about the concept of free will and the philosophical debates around it.

Our goal was to check not only the quality of AffordablePapers’ writing but also the responsiveness of its customer support team, ability to follow deadlines, and other things that matter in the academic assistance industry.

Let’s dive in.

The price of something usually equals its quality.

Everything About AffordablePapers: Key Perks and Drawbacks

Is AffordablePapers a good service? The answer is not really, at least if you expect to get a high-quality paper.

As they say, you get what you’re paying for, and it’s the case with AffordablePapers. While it’s indeed one of the most affordable academic writing services, the quality of papers its writers deliver is subpar at best.



AffordablePapers Writing Team

After seeing how inaccurate and poorly written the paper we ordered was, we went on the AffordablePapers writers page to find out the criteria the service uses for hiring writers.

While everything seems fine at first glance (AffordablePapers lists quite a few stages every candidate needs to pass to join the writing team), a closer look reveals that the writers don’t necessarily have any education in the academic disciplines they are writing on.

According to AffordablePapers, potential writers must prove their English language proficiency, writing skills, and knowledge of different formatting requirements. The service claims to assign all orders to writers knowledgeable about the relevant subject.

Still, there seem to be no requirements for writers’ formal education in the disciplines they cover. Basically, nothing is preventing an English major from writing a Nursing research paper.

This explains the quality of the essay we received. It had no formatting mistakes, only a couple of grammatical errors.

However, based on the content, it was clear that the writer who worked on our order had little to no knowledge of Philosophy. They were not knowledgeable in the subject enough to write a Graduate-level argumentative essay.

How to Get a Paper With AffordablePapers

Ordering a paper from AffordablePapers is pretty straightforward. Here are six easy steps to guide you through the process of placing an order.


Find the "Order now" button in the top right corner of the home page, or use the price calculator to start ordering.


Choose the assignment type and fill out the order form that opened. Add specific instructions, if there are any, in a separate field.


Check the summary of your order and register or log in to continue.


Following registration, enter your details and pay for your order. From now on, your paper is in progress.


Keep an eye on your paper's progress through your personal account while waiting.


After getting the final draft, ask for revisions if needed. If not, approve it and make the most out of your paper!

AffordablePapers Writers

Deals and Discounts

As AffordablePapers states in the FAQ section of its Pricing page, the service decided to build its pricing so that while there are no regular deals and discounts, the prices are lower than average on the market.

This seems like a fair, albeit somewhat unconventional approach, and based on how reasonable the price we paid for our order was, AffordablePapers does stick to it.

The lack of deals and discounts might discourage regular clients because they are often enticed by various loyalty bonuses and similar offers for returning customers. However, if you’re a one-time client (like we were), AffordablePapers’ pricing makes more sense for you.

This suggests that the service puts the quantity of customers over their loyalty. Perhaps this is because the questionable quality of AffordablePapers writers’ work prevents most clients from returning despite the attractive price.

If we were students looking for a good writing service, we certainly wouldn’t.


Affordable-Papers Prices Structure

AffordablePapers sets out to offer the best possible costs for academic papers​​. They determine pricing based on academic level, number of pages, and deadline. For example, a university-level 5-page paper with a 3-day deadline costs $80, which is affordable compared to other academic writing services.

The complexity of the subject also influences the price; a technical research paper won't be priced the same as a simple essay. Most disciplines do have the same price per page, though. Also, the more time you give for your order, the less you pay​​. To compare, you’d have to pay $7 vs. $31 for the same one-page order, depending on whether you chose the 14-day or the 4-hour deadline option. The difference is pretty sizable, right?

The final price includes basic features like a free title page, bibliography, unlimited revisions, a plagiarism-free guarantee, a money-back guarantee, and 24/7 support. Those are all standard things that the overwhelming majority of writing services claim to have, but they’re still worth mentioning in a prices review.

AffordablePapers also offers on-demand options like custom English levels and part-by-part delivery for a 10% additional cost​​.

AffordablePapers Prices

Customer Support Team

Another important part of our review for AffordablePapers is the customer support team. The customer support at AffordablePapers claims to be accessible by phone day and night, from Monday to Saturday, ensuring that help is always just a call away.

If you prefer texting, there’s also live chat on the website where you can talk to a customer support team member whenever needed. Or you could write an email—that’s also an option.

If you trust what the AffordablePapers website says, the service’s approach to customer service is marked by diligence, effectiveness, and a positive spirit. Sadly, though, that wasn’t our experience.

To test the responsiveness and competence of AffordablePapers’ customer support, we used live chat to ask about the possibility of changing the referencing style of the paper (a day and a half after the order was placed).

The person (or was it a bot?) we talked to didn’t know anything about academic referencing styles and their rules, which seems unacceptable for someone working at an academic writing service. We had to wait for the writer to get back to us, which took over 20 hours.

Had our order been more urgent, that would’ve definitely been a problem.


Is AffordablePapers Legal and Safe?

Questions along the lines of Is AffordablePapers safe? are pretty common, and they make perfect sense.

No one wants to spend money on an order they won’t receive or get in trouble with the law because of using a certain academic writing service. You don’t have anything to worry about, though.

While AffordablePapers’ quality of writing leaves a lot to be desired, what the service does is legal, and you will receive the paper you paid for. The problem, however, is that you’ll likely have to rewrite that paper for it to be presentable.

Keep that in mind when choosing the deadline for your order.

Quality of Writing on AffordablePapers

Don’t trust the positive paper writing service reviews on AffordablePapers’ website; those are probably fake. The quality of writing at AffordablePapers, specifically for a university-level argumentative essay on the philosophical debates of free will (which we ordered), was downright abysmal.

The essay we got lacked the necessary depth and understanding of the subject matter. It seemed the writer knew next to nothing about the discourse about the philosophical concept of free will and the key figures associated with it.

The content of the essay was superficial and missed critical analysis. This was disappointing, especially for a paper that should have engaged with intricate philosophical arguments and presented a well-reasoned perspective.

Instead, the essay resembled a basic overview, more suited to a high-school paper than a university assignment. It would never get a good grade from a university Philosophy professor.

What’s the Plagiarism Policy on AffordablePapers

As you can see, if you’re asking, Is Affordable Papers any good in terms of quality? the answer is a resounding no.

But one of the only positive things about the essay we received was that it was plagiarism-free, just like AffordablePapers promised. Everything was paraphrased and cited properly, which is essential, given how strict universities are about academic integrity these days.

To ensure the originality of their work, AffordablePapers likely uses an internal plagiarism detection tool before the completed order is delivered to the customer. The service promises that every paper undergoes a thorough check that ensures it’s free of unoriginal content.

In our experience, it’s one of the few promises that AffordablePapers does deliver on.

What AffordablePapers Reviews Have to Say

If you trust the reviews posted on the AffordablePapers’ Reviews page, all clients are in awe of how exceptional the quality of writing is. The average customer rating is 5/5 or very close to it, and there isn’t a single negative comment among the most recent twenty or so.

But please don’t fall victim to all that praise; having ordered a paper from AffordablePapers, we know first-hand how misleading it is.

Further research proves that our poor experience is more on par with other clients’ than the glowing reviews on the AffordablePapers website make it seem. Our order wasn’t just an unfortunate exception.

If you check such services as Trustpilot, All Top Reviews, and the like, you’ll see tons of negative feedback about AffordablePapers’ quality.

AffordablePapers Reviews

Final Verdict

Overall, our experience with AffordablePapers was a mixed bag with more downs than ups. The service's lower-than-average prices are attractive, especially for those on a student budget. The customer support team is friendly and accessible via different channels for communication, though their effectiveness and competence are questionable.

However, AffordablePapers’ biggest problem is the quality of writing. Our specific experience with a university-level essay was underwhelming at best. The essay lacked depth and failed to engage meaningfully with the complex topic of free will. This raises concerns about the expertise of the service’s writers.

Despite AffordablePapers’ strong plagiarism policy that eliminates the possibility of cheating, the fundamental quality issue overshadows the positives.

Is it reliable? - Yes. Is it good? - No. For students seeking high-level academic writing, the service may not meet expectations. While AffordablePapers might be fine for simpler, less demanding tasks, it falls short for more sophisticated academic assignments.

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Is AffordablePapers trustworthy? Are their writers good?

Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
Very disappointed with AffordablePapers
The paper was really poorly written—lots of basic mistakes, and it felt like the writer just skimmed the surface. I had to rewrite almost everything because the grammar and the content were so bad.
Ming J.
29 October 2023
Essay Reviews
AffordablePapers is alright
The paper was on time, and the price was reasonable. However, the writing quality is average—nothing exceptional, but not terrible. It's a decent option if you're looking for something cheaper.
Juan T.
01 November 2023
Essay Reviews
Totally false
Not what I was hoping for at all. Getting answers from their team was like waiting for a bus that never came. And the paper? Totally missed the mark. Had to scramble to fix it myself.
Sophie L.
05 November 2023

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