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Studyfy has earned its place among the most credible paper writing services. Based on 27 reviews on review sites, it has a high 4.7-star rating. The majority of the customers are pleased with their experiences. Studyfy is ranked #7 among essay writing sites, and our own research confirms its excellence.

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The key goal our team had set was to clear the air about Studyfy and answer all of your possible questions.

Is Studyfy legit? Does it scam people? Is it really that good?
Continue reading and see what we can say about it!

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How Trustworthy Is Studyfy?

Browsing through a good number of Studyfy reviews, we found a lot of good feedback from satisfied customers. And though the amount of positive reviews is impressive, as the saying runs β€’ first we try, then we trust.

We decided to order a paper from Studyfy. It was a 3-page reaction paper on the 2004 movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Such a great and meaningful movie, we thought, would show how good Studyfy writers are not only at writing but analyzing as well. Looking ahead, we'd like to say one thing β€’ we were impressed with the result.

We also went deeper into pricing, deadlines, plagiarism, customer support, and other aspects of the service. And we'll cover everything later in the article. To keep it simple, Studyfy revealed itself as a pretty reliable service. It is a legitimate and trustworthy platform with professional writers who know their business.

Placing an Order With Studyfy

The ordering process at Studyfy is quite simple. Follow these 7 simple steps, and you'll get your paper in no time.


Go to the homepage, find and click the "Write My Essay" button.


You'll be redirected to a registration page; use your email to sign up.


Once logged in, click "Place Order" to go to the order form.


Fill it in with your paper's topic, type, deadline, or any other specific instructions and confirm the order.


Now, wait for bids from writers. Feel free to check their profiles and chat with them.


After selecting the one that fits your needs, confirm the payment and keep track of the progress of your order in your account.


Review the final draft and ask for revisions if needed. Once you're satisfied with it, release the funds to your writer.

Studyfy is a trustworthy platform with professional writers who know their business.

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Pros and Cons of Studyfy

Before diving deeper into our analysis of Studyfy, let's have a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of the service.
If you ask us, "Is Studyfy a good service?" β€’ here's a brief list of our findings to help you decide.



What Can Be Said About Studyfy Writers?

This Studyfy review wouldn't be full without a few words about writers, of course. If you are afraid you won't find a suitable writer because the topic of your paper is "too niche" or something, don't worry. That's not the case.

The service has a large pool of writers that includes more than 700 people. The good thing is that you can communicate with any of the chosen writers while your paper is being written. Every writer has a detailed description of their competencies that you can get familiar with before ordering.

Studyfy Writers

Our experience with the writer, whose name was Isaac, was extremely satisfying. When our order was already in progress, we deliberately asked to mention specific points in the paper β€’ and he fully complied with our wishes. Isaac did a brilliant job: we received an A-worthy paper with a deep analysis of the movie. Our requests were fulfilled, and we could not be happier.

A great deal of positive reviews on Studyfy writers show how satisfied students who used the service are. We're not talking about a one or two-sentence basic, generic kind of review. We mean substantiated and confirmed ones. That is good evidence of the writers’ proficiency.

Communication with Studyfy writers review by EssayReviews

Discounts and Promotions

There are two ways of getting a discount at Studyfy: you can either use a promo code or place a large order. The promo codes system is clear enough β€’ it works just like in any other similar platform. Studyfy's Facebook page claims you can find active codes on the service's Instagram and other social media. You might also find good deals for first-time customers on our platform.

The internal discount system, however, works differently. The size of your discount depends on the size of your order.

According to the service's Help Center, for a 10-page double-spaced essay, you'll get 30% off; for 15 pages β€’ 35%, and for 20 or more pages β€’ 40%. However, you can use a price calculator to check out how much you can save or ask the support team to guide you.

With already fairly affordable prices, the offered discounts are more than generous. A lot of students will appreciate that, no doubt.

Prices and Fees: Student-Friendly or Not?

Now, this Studyfy review would be incomplete if we didn't tell you a bit about pricing. The base price for a one-page double-spaced paper starts from $11.4 β€’ not absolutely the lowest price on the market, but much cheaper than that of competitors. The price can be estimated before placing an order with the help of a price calculator. And the good thing is you don't need to be registered to use it. So, if you've just come across the service, you can do some math real quick.

A three-page reaction paper with a one-day deadline cost us $38.50. Considering the rather tight deadline and higher academic level of the paper, the price was more than satisfactory. Besides these two factors and the size of your paper, the type of assignment also influences the final price.

Plus, as the service's Help Center claims, "experts set the final price." It means that there's always room for some negotiation (via chat) to lower the price before making a hiring choice.

Our Experience With the Support Team

We couldn't find a ton of reviews describing the quality of Studyfy customer service, so here's our personal experience. The communication with the support team turned out to be very pleasant. All of the chat operators we were dealing with replied to us within 2-3 minutes. Our team deliberately texted the support at different times of the day β€’ and they were quick to respond each time.

The support team was extremely polite and, most importantly, helpful. If you ask a chat operator something out of their sphere of expertise, other staff will join you in the discussion.

We had a chance to chat with one of the sales managers, who gladly answered all of our questions regarding the pricing system and discounts. The support team can also calculate your price and discounts manually if you don't want to use the price calculator for some reason. You just need to provide them with the details of your assignment.

Our experience with the support team surpassed our expectations. The friendly approach, clear communication, expertise, and quick-to-respond chat operators β€’ everything was in line with our conviction for what constitutes proper customer support.

Studyfy Support Team

How Legit Is Studyfy?

One of the main questions we wanted to answer with this review was, "Is Studyfy legit?" And based on our experience now, it's safe to say β€’ absolutely.

We got our paper a few hours before the deadline. The writer was truly a professional and did everything we asked them about. There were no hidden fees and no additional payments.

The service has a clear and concise Terms & Conditions section, which can easily be found on its website. The company is registered in the US, and it has been in business for over 20 years.

However, let's be realistic: nothing is perfect, and sometimes misunderstandings and errors can happen. If you're not satisfied with the final product, you can always claim a refund β€’ the service has a money-back guarantee policy. You can learn more about that in its Help Center.

Studyfy does its best to provide its clients with top-notch educational assistance, and our experience proves it.

A Few Words About Paper Quality

A lot of Studyfy reviews online mentioned how great the completed papers were. And yet again, we can confirm the reaction paper we ordered was extremely well written (except for 2-3 insignificant typos).

The structure of our paper was nearly perfect. The analysis of the movie we chose was sequential and thoughtful. Our writer obviously had a deep understanding of the movie in question.

Besides the contents, the text looked exceptional in terms of proper grammar, syntax, and formatting. We got a college-level paper written in eloquent language β€’ definitely worth its price.

Our team can confidently say that you'll get a wonderful piece of work with Studyfy. And dozens of other reviews online once again mirror our point.

What About Plagiarism?

Studyfy guarantees texts with zero plagiarism. According to the Help Center, the service has a strict set of rules for every writer regarding the use of external sources. Before delivery, every order is checked with the help of Turnitin (one of the most accurate plagiarism detection tools).

If, for any reason, you still have doubts about the text's originality, you can ask for a free plagiarism report. It is a part of the Studyfy revision policy.

We checked our paper with several different anti-plagiarism tools. The uniqueness of the text was 90-93% β€’ a pretty impressive result. We also ran the paper through an AI detector; no AI-written text was detected.

Our team was satisfied with the results. Still, our advice is to always check the final product before releasing the money. Sometimes, mistakes happen β€’ no one is safe from human error.

Studyfy's Online Reputation

In the search for an answer to the question "Is Studyfy good?", you must have stumbled upon dozens of reviews on the web. If not β€’ no problem; we surfed through all of them so you wouldn't have to.

The service has a good reputation online. The reviews are mostly positive, and the overall rating on the review sites is about 4.6-4.8 stars.

We also found a few negative reviews that were bashing the service for poor quality and unresponsive support. However, zero proof was provided, not even a single screenshot of a live chat/email correspondence. Plus, those reviews looked so unnatural and clumsy that it led us to believe they were fake.

However, there were only 2 or 3 such reviews among 80+ positive ones. With that said, we believe that our experience with Studyfy is the best confirmation of the platform's ratings online.

Studyfy Reviews

Our Verdict on Studyfy

This is one of those cases when we're relieved and glad we looked into the writing service. Our experience with Studyfy was incredibly enjoyable and pleasant. Affordable pricing, qualified writers, timely delivery, and slight details, like a well-designed website β€’ all of this could not but leave a good impression.

Our team has gone through the way of an ordinary student who needs to have their assignment done. Only after this β€’ and after browsing lots of other Studyfy reviews, of course β€’ can we recommend the service to our readers. We believe that our thorough research will be helpful for you.

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Is Studyfy legit?

Is Studyfy safe?

Is Studyfy trustworthy enough?

Is Studyfy scam?

Can I rely on Studyfy?

Is using Studyfy considered cheating?

Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
These guys know the drill
I swear, these dudes are fire. Ordered a paper to save some time and go out with my girl. Got my paper right on time, got my grade the next day. Shout out to Stephen - he's the real one, best writer on the service, 11/10.
Darrien L.
November 02, 2023
Essay Reviews
Spectacular job
My recommendation to everyone who still has doubts! Impressive writing and friendly customer support. Helped me wrap up my literature project within a mere 48 hours. Many thanks to the Studyfy team!
Caren V.
November 10, 2023
Essay Reviews
Best value for the money paid
This is what I was looking for - reasonable prices and zero plagiarism. By far the best service in this field I entrusted with my assignments. Can't thank you guys enough for the research paper on Napoleon you did! Gonna come back for help again.
Gary T.
November 07, 2023

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