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AdvancedWriters: A Quick Introduction

Ease of Use

You can find tons of Advanced Writers reviews online, but it’s often hard to say which are honest. Luckily, we can save you time and effort with our unbiased and in-depth review. By the end, you will have all the information you need.

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AdvancedWriters.com: Is It Any Good?

Advanced Writers is a popular service in the academic writing industry, but it’s hard to say if it is as good as some reviews claim. As you can see, its customer ratings vary significantly across different review platforms, suggesting that not everything you see online about Advanced Writers deserves your trust.

To help you make the right choice and decide whether or not to entrust Advanced Writers with your school assignment, we’ve checked the service ourselves. Hopefully, our first-hand experience will prevent you from wasting your time and money and risking your academic reputation.

Read on to find out if Advanced Writers is any good and if it’s a good idea to rely on its experts when you need help with your college papers.

If you’re paying for premium, you should be getting premium.

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AdvancedWriters.com: Key Advantages and Flaws

We’ve used other clients’ testimonies and our experience with this service to formulate a list of the things Advanced Writers is good at and those that aren’t among its fortes. Let’s take a look.



Communication with Advanced Writers’ Experts

Communication with Advanced Writers’ writers is one of the biggest weaknesses of this service. We saw this mentioned in 123 Help Me reviews online and wanted to see for ourselves.

When we ordered a 5-page Management essay on the gig economy, we included the list of the sources to be used in the instructions and texted the writer to double-check if they had access to those sources and could use them in the essay. It took them over 3 hours to respond, but eventually, the writer assured us that they had everything they needed and would follow the instructions.

However, when we received the first draft of our paper, we saw that the writer used only half of the sources we asked for; the rest were random articles they found online. When we requested a revision and explained the reason, the writer rejected it repeatedly, claiming they couldn’t use the sources as they weren’t available online for free.

They ignored our message when we wondered why they had confirmed they had access to the sources when we had asked before. It took us almost a day to finally negotiate a revision, and the paper was late.

How to Place Your Order at AdvancedWriters Academic Service

If you need to order a paper from the AdvancedWriters platform, you don’t have to read any long and head-scratching manuals. Just follow the simple steps listed below.


Enter the website and click on the “New Order” button in the upper right corner of your screen.


Select the service that you need and click on the “Next Step.”


Select the academic level, paper type, discipline, number of pages, and spacing, and click on the “Next Step.”


Select the deadline, provide the topic and instructions, attach files, if any, and click on the “Next Step.”


Check out order details, pay the full price in advance or in two transactions, and proceed to checkout.

Advanced Writers’ Experts

Advanced Writers’ Discounts for New Clients

Many services in the academic writing industry offer welcome deals and discounts for first-time clients. Some platforms offer no deals whatsoever, but that’s not very common.

Most of them have a 5% to 20% discount you are eligible for if you have never used that particular service before. This way, services encourage you to place bigger orders so that the money you save is also higher.

However, AdvancedWriters com has a different approach. Once you sign up (you will need to provide your email) to use the service for the first time, you will receive a one-page-for-free offer, which you can use no matter the deadline or academic level of your paper.

For example, ordering a 4-page research paper, you will only pay for three pages. That’s a significant discount, especially considering Advance Writers’ high prices. And you can save quite a lot even if you order a shorter paper, say, a 3-page one. That’s not the case with the standard discounts.

Advanced Writers’ Prices Per Page

Our AdvancedWriters.com review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the service’s prices. They are another major drawback of this service.

For a 5-page Graduate-level essay with a 24-hour deadline, we would have to pay $205 if it hadn’t been our first time ordering from Advanced Writers.

The service offers one page for free for all new clients, which is how we got to pay $164 instead of $205. Still, compared to similar academic writing services, some of which are higher in quality than Academic Writers, that was a lot. We wouldn’t say that Advance Writers offers great value for money.

Overall, the price per page depends on the deadline and the academic level and can range from $15 to $77 for regular writing. Expect to pay even more for programming homework or calculations.

For example, a small programming assignment with a 24-hour deadline will cost you almost $100 ($97.50, to be precise). Also, Advanced Writers charges extra for such services as copies of the sources used by the writer, the ability to choose one of the top writers, an ENL writer (meaning a native English speaker), and more.

Advanced Writers’ Prices

Advanced Writers’ Customer Support Team

As our goal is to write an unbiased and honest AdvancedWriters review, we’d like to mention the positive aspects of the service’s work as well. One of them is the Advanced Writers’ customer support team. We talked to them at almost every stage of the ordering process.

First, we need to clarify some things about the order form. Then, we needed their help reaching the writer when we initially wanted to ask them about the sources from the instructions. Finally, when the writer refused to revise our paper, we again had to ask the support team for assistance.

Admittedly, they weren’t the fastest to respond. However, we suspect the writer was the problem, as the longest delays occurred when we needed the support to get the writer to respond. Otherwise, they were perfectly friendly and helpful. Not only did they answer all of our questions in great detail, but they also convinced the writer to revise the draft after the writer had rejected our request repeatedly. We lost a lot of time, sure. But if it hadn’t been for Advanced Writers’ support, we would not have even gotten a completed paper.

Can You Trust AdvancedWriters’ Guarantees?

Next, let’s consider a vital question: is Speedy Paper legal? To answer it, we usually first look at the footer for company information. This time, the footer contained only “SpeedyPaper.com © 2023 All rights reserved.”

So, we read the fine print on the platform’s website. Usually, the Terms and Conditions and other policies, like the Privacy Policy, contain the name of the company behind the platform and the corporate address. But, in this case, we didn’t find a single mention of who’s behind SpeedyPaper!

This means we can’t even tell you whether SpeedyPaper is operated by a legal business and where it could be based. That’s a major red flag in our book.

How Good AdvancedWriters’ Papers Are

The quality of writing you get from AdvancedWriters com experts isn’t bad. We’ve tested enough academic writing services to recognize poor quality when we see it, and it’s not the case with Academic Writers. Our paper wasn’t stellar and had a few errors even after the revision, but it was acceptable. We’d say it was a B-.

The problem, however, is that Advance Writers charges for its papers as if all of them deserve an A+, which isn’t the case. If you are looking for a service with outstanding writing quality, there are better alternatives out there, and they aren’t significantly more expensive than Advanced Writers.

AdvancedWriters’ quality is okay, but its papers are ridiculously overpriced.

AdvancedWriters.com Plagiarism Policy

As discussed, we didn’t have any issues with plagiarism when we used Advanced Writers. The essay we received had a few referencing mistakes (not to mention that half of the sources were completely random and not what we asked for), but those were minor and had more to do with the referencing style than plagiarism per se.

However, we can’t guarantee that your experience with this service will be the same as ours. Based on some of the Advanced Writers reviews we saw, it looks like the papers written by the service’s writers sometimes contain plagiarism and are nowhere near 100% original.

So, if you decide to entrust Advance Writers with your school assignments, we recommend triple-checking them afterward.

What Other Clients Say About AdvancedWriters

If you look at the customer ratings AdvancedWriters.com has on Sitejabber versus ScamFights, you will see an enormous difference—4.81 versus 2.03. Such a disparity across different platforms is, frankly, alarming. It suggests that one of those platforms isn’t posting all the reviews it is supposed to, which goes against all transparency rules.

That’s why we believe our work is so important. Our Advanced Writers review is unbiased; it highlights the service's perks and flaws. But if you find an academic writing service you’d like to try and our review isn’t out yet, be careful.

As you can see, it’s not always the best idea to trust the reviews you can find online.

Final Verdict

AdvancedWriters isn’t the best academic writing service, but it is not the worst. It does have a more or less helpful customer support team and decent paper quality; in our experience, it also follows its no-plagiarism rule. You will get the paper you are paying for, and most likely, it won’t be bad.

At the same time, as you already know if you read our Advanced Writers.com review up to this point, the service isn’t worth the high prices it charges. The quality is alright, but nothing extraordinary. The writers aren’t willing to cooperate (in our experience). The support team is fine but could respond more quickly.

Given the price point, you’re better off elsewhere.

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Are AdvancedWriters reviews online real and honest?

Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
I expect it to be way better.
When I pay $250 for an essay, I expect it to be way better. The writer didn’t follow part of the instructions, and I had to edit the draft later.
Molly R.
December 16, 2023
Essay Reviews
The research paper I received was alright...
The research paper I received was alright, but the writer doesn’t have enough Psychology knowledge for a Master’s-level paper. The analysis was surface-level, and I had to improve it myself.
Cho L.
December 10, 2023
Essay Reviews
The writer ignored the instructions...
The writer ignored the instructions, didn’t use the sources I requested, and wrote a really poor essay. I guess the only upside was that it was done quickly.
Anna O.
December 3, 2023

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