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When researching the company, we discovered that Edubirdie essay reviews about it are somewhat polar: some of them sing odes to the service saying how perfect it is, while others claim it to be the worst essay writing company you can possibly find on the market. We have decided to place personal orders to get some first-hand experience of how the company works and treats its customers. First of all, what you need to know is that there are lots of different writing options available. Here are some of them:

Book reviews

Case studies

Essays and research papers

Business plans

Lab reports

Application essays



Edubirdie: Pros and Cons


The service is completely safe. You will never be caught using Edubidie as the platform is secure and takes extra care not to disclose your personal information to anyone.


The service is quite affordable. Unlike many other essay writing services that will charge you at least $20 for a page, this company only requests $13.99 per page, making their services affordable even to high school students.


They work 24/7 and can give you a helping hand even if you are in real trouble, risking to miss several deadlines simultaneously. You can order a paper at any time of the day or night and get someone to start working on it right away.


Some students claim this service helped them earn “bad grades for a lot of money”. This means that the writing team is not as good as they claim it to be: there are chances to get a poorly written paper, possibly even with plagiarized content. You need to be extra careful when choosing the writer who will be responsible for delivering your paper.


Although it is an affordable service, there are lots of extras like “we will choose a writer for you”, which will be pushing you into spending more money on your paper. This might be quite annoying. Plus, you will end up spending more money than you had anticipated. It is basically a part of their campaigns that aim at getting more money out of customers.


There are no incentives and no discounts or promo codes that will help you get the price of your order down. Although it is affordable, it is not the cheapest option you can find on the market. Some companies can offer you the same services of the same quality for around $9 per page.

Edubirdie Writers

After placing two orders and getting them, we came to realize that writers here are not really knowledgeable about the subject matter of the papers they produce. They will help you out but will not always be nice to you, especially if you try to control the writing process or request a revision. We ordered two papers here, one of which turned out to be a complete failure. When we contacted the writer about it, they first tried to ignore us for quite a while and then refused to revise, saying that it was unjustified. It was quite upsetting to see a “highly qualified professional” making spelling mistakes in a college-level paper.

Edubirdie Plagiarism

Plagiarism is quite a problematic topic here, at least it was for us. We requested a revision, but the writer refused to do it and asked us to pay additionally for it, saying that otherwise it is not justified. However, our revision request was relevant and to the point. 35% of the content was plagiarized, and the information wasn’t even taken from reliable sources like peer-reviewed articles, just regular unreliable websites and blogs of unknown origin. Plagiarism is unacceptable in academic papers. All content has to be 100% unique if you want to get a good grade. That’s why paying for plagiarized content is quite a mistake. 

Edubirdie Sign Up Experience

There is a single Edubirdie login button that functions both as a way to sign up and log in to your personal account. The registration process is quite simple and takes less than a minute to finish; you just need to provide your active email address and a unique password.

Edubirdie Discount Strategy

Well, as upsetting as it might be, there is no discount strategy here. You just have to pay the initial price that you get or even more if you agree to add some “extras”. There are no promo codes or discounts, which proves just how ignorant this service is of the needs of its customers. Sometimes high school students or college students desperately need the help of some academic writers because they just feel overwhelmed with all the assignments they need to complete. Moreover, they might not even have the time to complete all of them. However, when a company is not flexible with its pricing, it is much more difficult for them to afford the help they need. 

Customer Service Support

Our experience with their customer service support team was quite satisfactory. However, there are lots of reviews online where people tell stories about the poor services they received from this department. Some even claim that they got blocked when “asking too many questions” like wondering what plagiarism scanner they use, etc. It will probably just depend on each case. The more dissatisfied you are with their work, the more you are likely to get ignored or being treated unprofessionally.

Edubirdie Papers Quality and Delivery

Now that the question “is Edubirdie safe” is settled, you need to decide whether it is a good idea to use the service if you want to improve your academic performance. We think that it’s quite risky not because of your privacy, but because of the quality of the paper you will get. Some people report having paper delays, and we also had a minor delay with one of our papers. What’s more, the quality of our papers was quite questionable. We wouldn’t dare to submit such papers as they could actually get your academic performance down, not up. 

How Much Does Edubirdie Cost?

Edubirdie price starts at $13.99 for a page, and it will not get lower than that. You can see the price on the homepage of the service. However, when ordering a paper, you might see the price rise, especially if you want to request some extra services to make sure the quality of your paper is high. 

Does Edubirdie Work?

Yes, the service has been on the market for a while now, and they know what academic writing is all about. However, the quality of their papers is still quite bad, which proves that they have lots of things to work on to get their customers happy. 

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