Edubirdie Reviews 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Based on 3,342 comments on reviews, EduBirdie has a rating of 3.6 stars out of 5.0. Edubirdie's rating varies widely across different review platforms; it has an impressive 4.6/5 rating on some, and an alarmingly low 3.4/5 rating on others. No wonder people thinking about ordering a paper from Edubirdie are confused and uncertain.
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As you can see, Edubirdie has an attractive pricing policy and a decent customer support team. However, regarding the quality of papers it delivers and its overall reputation in the academic assistance market, Edubirdie leaves much to be desired.

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How Reliable Is Edubirdie?

For the most part, Edubirdie is a helpful academic writing platform that will probably save you when you’re in despair. But if you’re wondering, “Is Edubirdie legit?”, the answer isn’t going to be as straightforward as you probably hope.
You’ll likely receive the paper you’ve paid for, so if you’re afraid of being scammed—don’t be; the chances are very low. Edubirdie has been in the academic assistance market for a while. It wouldn’t be able to survive the cutthroat competition for so long if it failed to deliver papers to its clients.
At the same time, don’t expect much from Edubirdie in terms of quality. You’ll receive your essay, sure. But it likely won’t be nearly as well-written as you’d like it to be. And it might also be late. Edubirdie’s writers aren’t known for their writing skills or punctuality.

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The Ultimate Edubirdie Review: All Perks and Drawbacks

Edubirdie might not be the worst option in the academic writing industry, but it’s not the best. As they say, you get what you pay for. Being an affordable service, Edubirdie doesn't have the best quality.

Still, Edubirdie isn’t without perks. On top of being well-suited for frugal clients, it also has one of the friendliest and most responsive customer support teams you can find, and you won’t spend long trying to figure out how to use the website.



Communication with Edubirdie Writers

One of the most important factors that determine the quality of Edubirdie’s services and affect the answer to the question “Does Edubirdie work?” is how smooth communication between Edubirdie’s writers and clients is.

Based on the information we’ve collected and hundreds of Edubirdie’s clients’ unbiased reviews, communicating with Edubirdie's writers can be somewhat of an uneven experience.

Similarly to what you’ll read in DoMyEssay reviews, the platform facilitates direct contact with writers, which is helpful. But there have been instances where the speed of their replies left much to be desired, which can be concerning when deadlines loom. You’re at risk of being forced to anxiously await an update while the due date is getting alarmingly close.

Moreover, while some writers are accommodating and receptive to revisions, there can be a lack of promptness or willingness to engage in detailed discussions with others. This may require sending additional messages to prompt a response.

Once again, when you have a lot at stake, which is often the case for academic writing services’ clients, such unresponsiveness is annoying and anxiety-inducing.

Edubirdie Writers

The Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Edubirdie’s Money-Back Guarantee Policy is intended to offer all clients peace of mind, reassuring them that there's a safety net should the service not meet their expectations. The policy outlines conditions under which a refund can be requested, which, on paper, seems fair and straightforward.

However, the reality is a bit different. According to our research and numerous client complaints, some customers have struggled to get their money back using this guarantee.

While Edubirdie promotes this policy as a testament to their confidence in providing quality work, securing a refund is nowhere as easy as Edubirdie claims.

Clients need to prove their case to Dispute managers, who aren’t always responsive and who tend to side with writers more often than not. The communication process can be time-consuming and, for some, daunting.

Requesting a refund is not always a clear-cut route, and Edubirdie customers might need to be prepared for a long dialogue.

So, while the Money-Back Guarantee Policy is a cornerstone of Edubirdie’s client service promise, it doesn’t work as smoothly as it should.

Edubirdie Price Structure

When looking into Edubirdie prices, you'll see that they start at $13.99 per page. How much does Edubirdie cost overall?

That depends on how many pages you need, how soon you need them, and what level of writing skill you're looking for from their writers.

Edubirdie tries to make things a bit easier by offering several services for free. You won't have to pay extra for formatting, the title page, the reference page, or a plagiarism report. These are all included in the base price, which is pretty standard among writing assistance companies.

However, if you need more than just the basics, the cost can go up. Want to see an early draft of your paper? That'll add 15% to the price. Need a one-page abstract? That will be an additional $13.99. If you prefer VIP support or a detailed outline, it will cost you $12.99 and $12.00, respectively.

So, when you're budgeting for Edubirdie's help, remember the starting price is just the beginning. If you want any additional services, you'll need to factor those into your total cost.

Edubirdie Price

Communication with the Customer Support Team

When seeking help, the Edubirdie customer service team answers your questions. Based on what we've seen in Edubirdie com reviews, many customers find the support team helpful. They're available to chat with you about any concerns or questions, which is reassuring.

The customer service at Edubirdie is designed to be a steady support system. If you're unsure about how to place an order or you're looking for updates on your project, they're the ones to turn to. The team normally (although not always) responds quite promptly, so you're not left waiting for too long.

However, some customers have mentioned that while the team quickly responds, the answers can sometimes be a bit generic.

In those cases, you might need to ask more questions to get the details you're after. It's like when you need more explanation, and you have to keep the conversation going to get there. If you’ve read our EssayPro Review, you know that such reluctance to be specific is in stark contrast to some of Edubirdie’s competitors.

The Legitimacy of Edubirdie’s Services

When discussing what is Edubirdie, it makes sense to address concerns surrounding the legitimacy of its services. This service markets itself as an academic assistance company, offering various services from writing to editing. However, the burning question for many is, "Does Edubirdie actually work" in a manner that aligns with academic integrity guidelines?

Like any other writing assistance service, this one is legal, so you don’t need to worry about that—you aren’t breaking the law when using it. As to the ethical aspect of it and its competitors, it’s up to you to judge.

Just keep in mind that there are a lot of better alternatives to this service out there. If you decide to use a writing service, why not choose the best you can?

The Quality of Edubirdie’s Writing Services

When you read an review, you often find out that the writing they give you might not be as good as they say. Some people who have used Edubirdie aren't happy because they find mistakes in the writing or it doesn't do what the homework asks.

People have said that they usually have to ask for the work to be fixed many times, which is not ideal if you need your homework done fast. They also say that some writers don't know much about the topic they're writing on, even though Edubirdie tells you that all their writers are experts.

So, even though Edubirdie tells you their writing is great, a lot of times, it's not as great as you'd hope. If you need really good writing, it might be better to look elsewhere - start with our Essay Service Review.

Edubirdie Plagiarism Policy

When it comes to Edubirdie’s Plagiarism Policy, they claim to take it extremely seriously. The big question, "Is Edubirdie plagiarism free?" is something many students worry about, and rightly so.

Edubirdie promises that all of their work is original. However, some reviews suggest that this isn't always true. There have been cases where the papers provided by Edubirdie writers showed some signs of plagiarism when checked by the students themselves using different software.

This is a big concern because plagiarism is a serious violation of academic integrity and will get you into trouble at school. Edubirdie does provide a plagiarism report for free, which is meant to give you peace of mind.

But since some customer reviews have questioned the thoroughness of these checks, it's hard to be 100% sure that the work is always completely original.

Check Edu Birdie Reviews from Clients

If you’re asking, "Is Edubirdie a reliable source?" looking at client reviews can be helpful. Clients who have used Edubirdie leave different kinds of feedback. Some say they had a good experience, but others disagree.

It’s up to you which you decide to trust, but keep in mind that competitors have a much better ratio of positive vs. negative reviews. All you need to do is check different essay writing websites reviews.

To answer the question "Is Edubirdie safe," reviews can give you a clue. Safety not only means getting a paper free of plagiarism but also getting the service you paid for, like on-time delivery and good communication.

Some clients say Edubirdie has helped them a lot, but others have had problems like late papers or not getting what they requested. Relying on Edubirdie is a bit of a risk.

Edu Birdie Reviews

Our Final Say

Ultimately, you can use Edubirdie if you want, but why do that when there are much better alternatives? The term "Edubirdie scandal" pops up when you search online, making some people question, "Is Edubirdie reliable?""

This refers to past controversies where the company's legitimacy and ethics were challenged. If you don’t want to be caught like some of Edubirdie’s clients were in the past, you’re better off elsewhere.

Edubirdie has been under scrutiny for the quality and originality of its work, which is a huge reason not to use it. While some clients are happy with the quality of the papers they get from Edubirdie’s writers, others cite experiences that left them doubting the reliability of Edubirdie. It seems inconsistent enough to be considered a go-to solution for academic help.

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FAQs about Edubirdie

Is Edubirdie legit? Is it safe to use it?

Is Edubirdie a reliable source I can trust?

Is Edubirdie trustworthy? Will my paper be decent and on time?

Does Edubirdie scam clients? Will I get my order?

Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
The Slowest Service Ever
After my experience with Edubirdie, I have just one question—why is Edubirdie so slow? My research paper was 6 hours late, not to mention quite poorly written.
Maria K.
18 October 2023
Essay Reviews
EduBirdie turned out to be very average, which is disappointing. The essay met the requirements, but nothing was outstanding about it. Communication with the writer was just okay, not exceptional.
Emma T.
23 October 2023
Essay Reviews
Very Disappointed
Not too impressed with EduBirdie. The essay lacked critical analysis and contained several grammatical errors. It was more of a hassle than a help, honestly. I won’t use this service ever again unless I’m desperate.
Ali O.
3 November 2023

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