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What is Nerdify? Is it reliable? Should you trust Nerdify with your assignment? Keep reading our review to find out!

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What Is Nerdify, Exactly?

Ease of Use

Nerdify (or GoNerdify) is an AI-powered chatbot that can connect you with freelance writers (so-called “nerds”) or just answer your questions like ChatGPT would. For the purposes of this Nerdify review, we tested both the bot and the quality of its “nerd” services.

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What Is Nerdify Best For?

Before we can dive into that question, we need to answer another one: “Is Nerdify legit?” And this is what this review is all about!

To that end, we tinkered with the Nerdy Bot, placed a test order for an essay on ontology in Aristotle’s works, and bugged customer support with some questions. But that’s not all: we also dug deep into existing customer reviews, ran plagiarism checks on the received essay, and studied Nerdify’s website for legal mentions.

Keep on reading to find out what discoveries we made along the way, what you should expect from this service, and whether you should trust it with your hard-earned money. Spoiler alert: we think you can do better than Nerdify’s “nerd” services!

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GoNerdify Review in a Nutshell: Pros & Cons

Is Nerdify safe to use? Judge for yourself!



Our “Nerd” Experience With Nerdify

First, here’s what you need to know. Nerdify calls its freelancers “nerds”, and it’s not exactly open about who they are. You can’t look up their profiles on the website, nor do you have a say in choosing the writer – they get assigned to your order automatically.

What we do know, though, is that Nerdify seeks to hire students in their third year of studies or higher. (We learned about that from its “Become a Nerd” page.) That piece of information left us somewhat skeptical about the paper quality we should expect.

Now, is Nerdify worth using? We couldn’t attempt to answer this question without trying it ourselves. Our experience was subpar, best summed up as “it could’ve been better.” While the interaction with the writer was great, their delivery was a bit late, and they didn’t come across as philosophy experts to us. So, in our opinion, it’s not exactly a service worth using.

Is Nerdify expensive? Well, its rates per page are certainly alluring as they’re among the lowest in the market. However, you don’t get a lot in exchange for your money if the paper quality and writer’s expertise are of any importance to you.

How to Place Your Order at GoNerdify Academic Helper

GoNerdify matches users with a nerd that will help you with your homework. How do you arrange that? Follow the simple steps described below.


Enter the GoNerdify website, leave your phone number, and click “Text Me.”


Get a reply from the nerd the platform has matched you with.


Get a quote on how much the nerd’s services for your task will cost.


Make a prepayment following the link that the service has provided you with.


Communicate with the nerd while they are working on your order.


The payment will be released once the order is finished.

Nerdify Writers

Does Nerdify Offer Any Discounts?

Nerdify’s discount system took us some time to wrap our heads around. On the website, Nerdify doesn’t mention discounts anywhere; however, some student reviews did refer to it. So, we decided to ask customer support about discounts in the spirit of testing the service.

The response we got was a bit too concise: the rep told us we could get a 10% discount under certain conditions, and it’d be automatically added to the quote we’d receive before paying. When we asked which conditions those were, the response was, “If you have a personal coupon.”

So, how do you get the said coupon? We’re still not sure. Our best guess is that you can get a text message with it when Nerdify launches a marketing campaign and you’re their target audience. That means you just have to wait for their generosity to manifest.

Other than that, we didn’t come across any other discounts Nerdify may be offering.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to other questions. Is Nerdify reliable? And is Nerdify plagerism free? Keep reading our review to find out the answers!

How Expensive Is Nerdify?

If you’re the kind of person for whom the question “How much does Nerdify cost?” is crucial, you’ll be disappointed to discover that Nerdify’s website doesn’t mention pricing at all. You’ll have to leave your phone number and wait until the chatbot drops you a line. Then, you can ask the chatbot how much your paper would cost you.

That’s what we did. We inquired about our essay order and received the answer that the pricing starts at $8.67 a page. However, keep in mind that the rates can vary based on the academic level, discipline, length, paper type, and deadline.

While it may seem like a good price for a budget-mindful student, the price-quality ratio is suboptimal. Yes, you may pay less than with other, more established services like essayservice reviews and essaypro reviews, but you may not get a well-written paper – or one that's written by a human being at all.

So, is Nerdify legit? When it comes to pricing, it’s not outlandishly low. However, it begs the question of how well the nerds are remunerated – and how qualified they are. A Ph.D. graduate wouldn’t agree to $20/hour (that’s what they offer on the Become a Nerd page).

Gonerdify prices

Nerdify’s Customer Support Approach

When it comes to customer service, it’s a different experience with Nerdify than with your usual assignment help service. Since the platform is literally built around a chatbot, it will be your first line of communication with Nerdify – unless you explicitly demand a representative to join the live chat.

That’s what we did. We had to wait around five minutes for a representative to get back to us. In our opinion, it’s fast enough.

As for the quality of interaction, in our case, the customer support representative was extremely helpful, answering our questions on originality guarantees and payment methods in great detail. They also guided us through the ordering process since it was novel to us – and they did so in a concise but comprehensive way.

Our experience with Nerdify’s customer support falls in line with most reviews on Sitejabber. That said, it’s not a universal experience: multiple negative reviews about Nerdify point out that customer support is hardly helpful when it comes to complaints and refunds. But luckily for us, we didn’t need to contact Nerdify to request a refund.

Legal Mentions at Nerdify’s Website

If you want to know, “Is GoNerdify legit?”, you’ll need some time to locate the About Us and policies’ pages. They’re hidden in the footer.

But when it comes to legal mentions, Nerdify has everything that’s required: the Terms of Use, Privacy, Refund, and Cookie Policies. According to Nerdify’s Privacy Policy, the company’s headquarters are located at 1401 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131.

But can you trust Nerdify? Find out from our ordering experience.

Does Nerdify Deliver Quality Papers?

After we toyed a bit with Nerdify’s chatbot, it was time to test its main allure: hiring a freelancer (a “nerd”) for paper help.

We described to the chatbot what we needed from our paper. It had to be an 800-word philosophy essay on ontology in Aristotle’s works. We set the deadline in five days, emphasizing that it absolutely had to be ready by then.

The matchmaking process wasn’t our favorite experience: Nerdify essentially takes control away from you in favor of an AI algorithm. We got connected with a nerd promptly, within 15 minutes, and they assured us our essay would be done on time.

It wasn’t. The deadline was missed by several hours. While in our case the real stakes were nonexistent, if the essay were for a real student in a situation like that, we’d have been furious.

As for the quality of the essay, it left much to be desired. We were under the impression the nerd was discovering the concept of ontology as they were writing the essay; it was quite shallow.
When considering online paper assistance services, it's wise to consult platforms like domyessay reviews and essayhub reviews as examples of other review sources that can offer valuable insights. These reviews can help you make informed decisions and avoid experiences similar to what we encountered with Nerdify.

So, is GoNerdify a scam? Not exactly, but it’s not the best value for your money, we can tell you that.

Is Nerdify Plagiarism-Free?

One way to answer the question, “Can you trust Nerdify?” is by checking its paper for plagiarism. That’s what we do every time when reviewing similar services. In our case, the essay came without a plagiarism report, so we had nothing to compare our results against.

After running two separate checks on the essay, we received 7% and 9% plagiarism – not catastrophic, but it still could’ve been better.

What Go Nerdify Reviews Say

Of course, we didn’t rely only on our experience in rating Nerdify. We also checked out Go Nerdify reviews on SiteJabber, Review.io, and social media. And the results were… mixed.

First, the quantity of reviews on SIteJabber leaves much to be desired: there were only 24 reviews at the time of writing.

Let’s start with the positive stuff. Some reviews thank Nerdify for help with basic problem-solving; others speak highly of the “nerds” and their skills.

However, some negative Nerdify reviews, while in the minority, ask, “How is Nerdify not illegal?” Those reviews accuse it of missing deadlines, delivering 100% AI-generated papers and presenting them as human-written, and not giving full refunds after bad experiences.

Go Nerdify Reviews

So, Is Nerdify Worth It?

Our review on Nerdify led us to conclude: while it’s not outright awful, Nerdify doesn’t exactly deserve to be on the list of the best services, either. You risk getting an AI-generated essay or just a poorly written one, for one. You also can’t choose your helper yourself – or be certain they’re an expert in the field.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good return on your investment, we advise you to look elsewhere. You can check out our other reviews for that!

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