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PaperCoach.net Review: The Overall Information

Ease of Use

PaperCoach has a 4.4-star rating based on 870 reviews. It means that most customers are satisfied with their orders. However, many students who have used PaperCoach’s services feel that the prices are a bit high.

You can find many comments complaining about the quality and prices. But when it comes to other aspects, is papercoach.net safe? No complaints about it were detected.

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Can You Count on Papercoach?

Judging by hundreds of positive reviews on PaperCoach online, it may seem like the platform is perfect. Reviewers highlight genuine service and respect for clients. The platform claims any customer will be satisfied, and if there are any concerns ‒ its team is always ready to address them. Your papers, supposedly, are only written by thoroughly selected and experienced professionals.

So, naturally, our team began to wonder if everything these reviews claimed was true. We did a thorough analysis of the service and, for the sake of it, placed our own order. We will answer all of the questions you and other potential customers might have and tell you what we liked about the platform and what could've been done better.
We believe that nothing is perfect and there's always room to grow ‒ and papercoach.com is no exception.

Join us as we walk you through the service and share our experience.

Keep on reading and learn about our experience!

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What’s Good and Not So Good About PaperCoach?

Before sharing our story of ordering from PaperCoach with you, we thought we'd set out a short list of the pros and cons of the service. All of them are based on our personal experience and other reviews online. So, here they are:



Our Experience With PaperCoach Writers

This PaperCoach review wouldn't be complete without our personal experience. To see if all of those reviews about the service were true, we tested it ourselves by ordering a paper. First, let us tell you about our impression of the writers.

According to the reviews, PaperCoach writers are usually super eager to help. In our case, however, it seemed like the writer wasn't even interested in creating something good. We ordered a psychology essay about mental health ‒ and we received one of the most generic, bland papers we've ever seen.

Here's one thing that upset us the most: our writer included no personal reasoning on the topic. The whole paper looked like it was a BuzzFeed article rather than a thoughtful piece of writing. It's supposed to be an essay, right? So, you should express at least some of your thoughts on the subject.

When we hit up the writer through support to fix formatting and add the part with personal reflections, i.e., told precisely what should be changed, they were slow to reply at first and then completely ignored us. Though, we were nice and polite about it!

That was really disappointing, especially since it was supposed to be a "professional academic help." Luckily, we were able to get a refund.

How to Order From PaperCoach

The ordering procedure at PaperCoach won't take up much of your time. Here are 6 easy steps to help you with that.


Find the "Order now" button at the top right of the main page, which will lead you to a 3-step order form. Alternatively, use a chatbot for dialogue-based ordering.


Select your subject, topic, and deadline, as well as other paper details. Also, consider additional features listed in the form.


Enter your email below the order form to log in or sign up, then proceed to payment.


Once paid, monitor your order through your account and wait for completion.


After receiving the final draft, accept it or request revisions if needed.


When you're fully satisfied with the finished paper, approve it to complete the process.

PaperCoach Writers

PaperCoach Discounts and Promotions

One thing we appreciated was the PaperCoach discount system. The service does offer discounts and gives out promo codes. The cool thing is that you don't need to scour the Internet to find one because all of them are available on the service's web page in a separate tab.

Right off the bat, you can get 11% off your first order. There's no promo code for that; you need to find the banner with the offer and click on it. Other discounts can be applied by both clicking the banner and entering the promo code.

Different discounts, unfortunately, don't add up. If you scroll the page down, you can even see past promos that are no longer available.

Also, if you invite a friend, they will get a 10% discount for the next order, while you'll get 10% from their order sum to your account balance. Sounds interesting; we don't remember seeing something like that before.

Some of the discounts are pretty creative, like 13% off for Friday the 13th. It's clear they wanted to make this aspect of the service interesting and entertaining.

So, before placing an order, don't forget to look for a PaperCoach coupon ‒ it might save you a few bucks.

PaperCoach Discounts

How Affordable Is PaperCoach?

To be honest, the prices PaperCoach offers are not very student-friendly. The lowest price for a page is $8, but it's a high-school-level essay with a 14-day deadline. A 1-page college essay with a 24-hour deadline will cost you $23. We can think of dozens of other services that will do the same for only $12-14 and with higher quality.

Looking at older reviews of the service, you'll see that a lot of people complained about the lack of a price calculator. It's not an issue anymore: PaperCoach fixed that, and you can see the estimated price in advance now. For whatever reason, there's an additional table with prices placed in a separate tab on the website. Maybe some people just don't trust price calculators.

PaperCoach also offers additional services, but you need to pay extra. There are some that are free, like the title page and formatting. But if you want a plagiarism report, for example, it'll cost you $10. Again, tons of other services include this in their prices.

You can also choose a "pro" or "top" writer for an additional $2 and $3.6, respectively. Other services often offer this feature as well, but we never understood this. Aren't all of your writers supposed to be pros? And why can't we decide for ourselves if they fit us? This is weird and completely unnecessary.

PaperCoach Prices

Our Experience With Customer Support

Just like almost everywhere else, you have two options to contact the support ‒ email and live chat. And there's more: you call them or request a call. However, we think that live chat is the most convenient way to communicate. We don't like the idea of placing an order via phone, but maybe some people will appreciate that.

A lot of other Paper Coach reviews mentioned exceptional customer support, but we beg to differ. Don't get us wrong; the support team was nice and polite and mostly replied fast. But at the same time, we had to wait for 2 or 3 hours for a response a few times (it was during the night). Often, chat operators couldn't answer our questions and had to ask other managers, so we had to wait again and again.

The only time we were ignored was when we asked the writer to rewrite the essay. Since you can't chat with your writer directly, you need to pass your comments and remarks through support agents. At first, it seemed like there was some progress, but after the second or third request, no one answered us anymore, and our essay wasn't fixed.

Otherwise, our experience with customer support was relatively good. Not the best one we've had, but still nice, except for one agent who ignored us.

Customer Support

Is PaperCoach Legitimate and Trustworthy?

PaperCoach is a legitimate service registered and operated under the law of Lithuania. All of the legal information, including policies, guarantees, and conditions, can be found on its website.

Based on our experience, it's safe to use. You don't need to provide any specific personal data to use the service. Well, except for your phone number ‒ it's required to create an account.

We ordered a paper and got it on time. We also successfully claimed a refund because our writer did a bad job. And though it took some time, we did get 100% of our money back.

Speaking of money, we had no problems with the payment. The service claims all payments are secure and your payment data won't get stolen. We don't have reasons to doubt that.

Terms & Conditions, as well as other policies, are perfectly clear and simple. So, yes, we can confirm that PaperCoach is legit.

Some Insights on Paper Quality

Paper quality was something that disappointed us the most. For this PaperCoach review, we've come up with a simple topic: "Social Media Influence on Our Mental Health."

We expected a thoughtful essay: though the topic is fairly simple, it provides a lot to think about and analyze. Besides, everyone is affected by social media in one way or another.

However, our writer seemed to be not interested in personal reflection. It looked like text chunks were taken from different sources, slightly paraphrased, and pasted into the essay. The style of each part was inconsistent. You could clearly see that different parts of the essay were written by different writers.

As a result, the paper came out boring, bland, and unnatural. And though there wasn't a single grammar or punctuation mistake, the content greatly disappointed us.

How’s Everything With Plagiarism?

As you already know, a plagiarism report is a real option you can get at PaperCoach for $10. We're not really sure if every paper is checked with anti-plagiarism tools and who's responsible for that ‒ some kind of quality assurance team or the writers themselves.

Anyway, we decided to save $10 and check everything ourselves. And you could already guess it ‒ our paper wasn't completely unique. It was obvious even from the paper structure. We didn't even need a plagiarism detector to see that our paper consisted of text chunks taken from different sources.

Nevertheless, to be 100% sure, we had to run our paper through plagiarism checkers. According to three reports (including one from a Turnitin-based tool), our paper was only 73-75% unique. It was clear that our writer tried to paraphrase some of the passages, but it didn't work out well.

How Is Papercoach Recognized Online?

PaperCoach reviews and ratings online were one of the reasons for making our review. Surprisingly, the service has a good online reputation and exceptional ratings on SiteJabber and Trustpilot. The thing is, there are actually zero reviews on Trustpilot because it is "considered a bad fit for Trustpilot." Not a good sign, but still, there are 700+ positive reviews on SiteJabber alone!

At one point, we even assumed it was just bad luck and we were assigned an unskilled writer or something. Maybe that's the case, but if you check the negative reviews, people face the same problems with overall quality and lack of depth in content.

And though the amount of positive reviews amazed us, some of them were really weird.

Reviewers often mention how friendly and helpful their writers were, though you can't even chat with your writer directly. A lot of reviews look identical in structure but different in words. All this looks kind of fishy.

Papercoach Reviews

Closing Thoughts on PaperCoach Service

In the end, should you choose PaperCoach to help you with academic writing? Our answer is no. Despite the fact the service is legitimate and you will indeed receive your papers, most likely, you'll be disappointed with their quality.  

The service is confidential, it offers great discounts, it has a clear refund policy, and you won't be scammed, but! The writers and, consequently, the paper quality is what the company should work on. If you expect an exclusive and completely unique paper, this service is not the right place for you at the moment.

Lastly, as you can see, tons of positive Paper Coach reviews don't exactly mean you'll get a pleasant experience with the service. And our review proves that.

PaperCoach has the potential and good foundation to become a better service. Hopefully, next time, they'll bless us with something decent.

When seeking balanced insights into the service's performance, it's worth considering reviews from platforms like Domyessay reviews and Essayhub reviews. These reviews provide additional perspectives that can be valuable when making an informed decision about PaperCoach or any other writing service.

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What People Often Ask About PaperCoach

Is PaperCoach a legitimate service?

Does PaperCoach produce original writing?

How reliable is PaperCoach overall?

So, will PaperCoach scam me?

Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
Overall, I'm happy
After receiving my essay, I was happy that they had saved me from a sleepless night. But then I read it and realized that it needed a little rewriting. But overall, I'm happy with how it turned out.)
July 15, 2023
Essay Reviews
I had to finish it myself
The author did not understand my initial and subsequent instructions. I quickly ran out of three free edits and decided I'd rather finish it myself.
June 08, 2023
Essay Reviews
My essay looked okay, but
My essay looked okay, but I checked it for plagiarism and was shocked. I was even more shocked upon learning that you can’t request a refund for a plagiarized essay. The revisions helped, but I don’t recommend using the service.
August 29, 2023

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