PaperCoach Review: Our Thorough Analysis

Online reviews create an impression that PaperCoach satisfies the needs of 98% of its customers. Let’s have a detailed look.

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PaperCoach has a 4.4-star rating based on 870 reviews. It means that most customers are satisfied with their orders. However, many students who have used PaperCoach’s services feel that the prices are a bit high.

You can find many comments complaining about the quality and prices. But when it comes to other aspects, is safe? No complaints about it were detected.

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Is PaperCoach Reliable Or Not?

Given that Paper Coach reviews vary drastically from one another, with some commentators praising the service and others calling it a waste of money, we decided to analyze the service on its own. So, let’s start with the basic information that you can find on the website. The main page gives you all the information that you may need. The order submission form allows you to calculate the price.

The page also contains the service’s ratings from different aggregators. Scrolling down, we can learn that PaperCoach has over 1300 expert writers who make over 98% of the customers happy. We can also learn that the starting price per page is $7.99, which is quite fair.

⏰ Timely delivery

6h minimum deadline

👨‍💻 Expert writers

Covering over 100 disciplines

💰 Fair pricing

Affordable rates

✅ Helpful tips

Writing samples and blog

👤 Confidentiality

Complete anonymity

So, here’s the overall information presented on the website. Check it out, and then let’s figure out where the negative reviews come from.

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Checking Out the Main Advantages and Disadvantages

After thoroughly analyzing the reviews attracts, we made our own investigation. While some harsh comments that we found online can be explained by users taking their disappointment too far, other complaints turned out to be more than fair.

Negative comments are mainly focused on the quality of the papers, but we found other problems with the service. So, without any further ado, we offer you to check out the main advantages and disadvantages of using PaperCoach.



Working With PaperCoach Expert Writers

With PaperCoach reviews mainly directed towards the quality of papers, we decided to start by evaluating the writers. If you opt for the “About Us” section of PaperCoach and scroll down, you can check out the top writers of the service.

You can see their photos, ratings, and brief biographies that contain information about the disciplines they are the best at. It seems legit, especially considering that some services fail to provide authors’ biographies completely. Unfortunately, the good impression was pretty much short-lived.

It turns out that not only you can’t select the writer on your own, you can’t even communicate with the writer directly. Those are two options that most academic helping services offer nowadays.

While you can say that PaperCoach is eight years old, that excuse won’t work. You see, there are services launched in the noughties that offer selecting writers and communicating on your own. What’s the point of demonstrating the top writers on your website when you can’t choose one of them?

Gladly, the testimonials don’t contain any rave praise for particular writers. Otherwise, it would have been extremely confusing. The lack of direct communication with the writer caused us certain inconveniences; more on that later.

PaperCoach Discounts and Referral Program

At first glance, there’s nothing special about the discounts that the service offers. Besides, there were no complaints regarding the discount policy in reviews. But let’s dig into it anyway.

So, customers are offered 10% off on their first order, and that’s pretty much it. There is no loyalty program on PaperCoach. However, there are special offers that occur on particular days, like national holidays.

You can use special promo codes and get up to 15% off your order. For example, recently, they had a discount to commemorate September 9/11, where customers could get 11% off.  

The service also offers a referral program. Get your friends to order from PaperCoach, and you get 10% off on their first order plus a 10% commission on each order they make. Aside from that, you also get a personal manager who will take care of all your papers.

Your friends should be invited via a special link that you can get by activating the “Invite Friends” option in your account. Then, get your commission to your PayPal account each time your friends order from the service. It’s a nice option, as you won’t find a lot of assignment help services offering something like that.

Prices at PaperCoach Writing Service

If you browse through the comments on different aggregators, you will find at least one PaperCoach review complaining about the prices. We were a bit surprised because the site’s main page displays the price of $7.99 per page. Yet, things are quite different if you check the prices page.

It turns out that your paper will cost you $7.99 per page only if you order a high school essay with a 14-day deadline. If you need an essay like that in six hours, it will cost you $23 per page.

That may come as a disappointment, as checking out the prices page may give you an impression that the main page misguided you. However, we didn’t find any serious reasons for complaints.

The highest price on PaperCoach is the admission essay with a six-hour deadline. It will cost you $66 per page. Yes, that can be considered high, but there are services that ask customers to pay over $100 per page for a six-hour deadline.

At the same time, paying $66 per page for an essay of a subpar quality that requires revisions is a valid reason for leaving negative comments on the web.

Communicating With PaperCoach Customer Support Team

We didn’t find any negative comments about PaperCoach customer support. There were reviews praising the support team, stating that it was responsive and helpful. We decided to check them out anyway.

First of all, when you browse through the site, there’s always a pop-up suggesting you to reach out to the support team. It’s good that you don’t have to search for how to get in touch with support representatives throughout the website. Aside from chatting, you can email the support agents, use the hotline, or request a callback.

In our first message, we acted like prospective customers who couldn’t decide whether to use the service because of the negative comments we read online. Kayla replied almost immediately.

While not asking us to clarify what comments we were talking about or explaining the nature of those comments, Kayla assured us that the service wouldn’t have been around more than eight years without providing quality paper writing.

Then, they went on to tell us about the revisions, rewrites, money-back guarantee, and welcome discount. All in all, we can state that our communication with the support team was quite satisfactory.

The Reliability and Legitimacy of PaperCoach Service

Is PaperCoach legit? The short answer is yes. The company is not involved in any fraudulent activities. The service indeed offers complete anonymity, as you don’t have to provide any personal data. Only your phone number and email are required to place an order. The payments are done securely, so you don’t have to worry about your financial data leaking.

However, going through the reviews, you can come across complaints about hidden fees. And we ran into them upon placing our order to check the professionalism of the company’s writers.

The third step of placing an order is choosing extra features. So, the plagiarism report is an extra $9.99. The grammar report is an extra $2.49. And you pay extra for an abstract page, summary, and draft. Moreover, if you want a Pro or Top writer to work on your order, it will add 25% or 45%, respectively, to the price of your essay.

Our Take on PaperCoach’s Quality of Writing

Every other review concerns the poor quality of the papers the service delivers. To shed some light on the nature of the comments, we decided to see if we could get the best results for the lowest price.

We ordered an essay on the final girl tropes in horror movies and specified that the essay must contain information about which character is considered to be the first final girl. And within two weeks, our four-page undergraduate essay arrived. To say that we were disappointed would be an understatement.

There were no problems with grammar, although punctuation was a bit weird. However, the main problem was the content. Basically, the Wikipedia page on the subject can tell you more about it. Besides, the essay turned out a bit sexist, as the whole final girl trope was summed up that she survived because she was a virgin. But the biggest problem was with our specific request about who was the first final girl.

Ask Google, and the first result would be Jess Bradford from “Black Christmas” (1974). Dig a bit deeper, and some articles will point to Sally Hardesty from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974). The essay that we got states that Laurie Strode from “Halloween” (1978) is the first final girl. It looks like the author doesn’t know that the most famous doesn’t necessarily mean the first.

Do PaperCoach Essays Contain Plagiarism?

Some negative reviews gets mention plagiarism. We decided not to spend an extra $9.99 on the plagiarism report and check the delivered essay on our own. We ran it through several plagiarism checkers, and the results seriously disappointed us. The essay was unsubmittable. According to all reports, it had between 15% and 19% of plagiarized content.

Based on the reports, the paper contained sentences from blog posts on the topic. Yes, on the one hand, PaperCoach is safe, thanks to the disclaimer at the bottom of the main page of the website. It states that all the papers provided by the service are for assistance purposes. In other words, they cannot be submitted as such. But 15% of plagiarized content is way too much. And surprisingly, plagiarism is not a reason for a refund.

Gladly, we were able to get a refund, as we didn’t “approve” the paper after running out of our three free revisions (yes, there are only three free revisions). Of course, given the writer’s work, we got only 50% back. If you opt for using PaperCoach, never click “approve” before making sure that the paper corresponds to your requirements and doesn’t contain plagiarism.

Check Out PaperCoach Reviews to Make Your Decision

It would be unfair to conclude our PaperCoach review without suggesting you check the reviews of others. Our experience can be a result of our luck or the lack of it. After all, we used the service only once and presented you with the results of our investigation.

Aside from negative comments, there are a lot of neutral and positive reviews. And you shouldn’t shy away from reading the testimonials on the PaperCoach website.

At the time of writing, there are 46 pages of testimonials on the service’s website, and no matter what page you are on, it’s hard to find a negative comment. All reviewers give PaperCoach five stars out of five, although there are some who gave the service four stars.

However, one review caught our attention ‒ the one posted on March 17, 2023. Mark B. states that the writers are very professional and friendly.

While it’s easy to make a decision on the writers’ professionalism based on the papers they deliver, and Mark could’ve been more lucky than we were, it’s the friendliness of writers that puzzled us. How can you know whether the writers are friendly or not without direct customer-writer communication?

Closing Thoughts on PaperCoach Service

Is Paper Coach legit? That’s the first thing that you might ask yourself before using the service. And the answer is yes. Despite the extra price for additional features, PaperCoach is in no way a fraudulent organization. After all, it’s up to you whether to request additional features or not.

But is PaperCoach safe when it comes to confidentiality and payment methods? Again, yes. You don’t have to worry about your personal or financial data being leaked. However, based on our own experience with the service and multiple reviews on the web, the same cannot be said about PaperCoach if you expect quality plagiarism-free papers.

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Recent feedback from customers

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Overall, I'm happy
After receiving my essay, I was happy that they had saved me from a sleepless night. But then I read it and realized that it needed a little rewriting. But overall, I'm happy with how it turned out.)
July 15, 2023
Essay Reviews
I had to finish it myself
The author did not understand my initial and subsequent instructions. I quickly ran out of three free edits and decided I'd rather finish it myself.
June 08, 2023
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My essay looked okay, but
My essay looked okay, but I checked it for plagiarism and was shocked. I was even more shocked upon learning that you can’t request a refund for a plagiarized essay. The revisions helped, but I don’t recommend using the service.
August 29, 2023

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