Papersowl Review: How to Find the Best Feedback

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When looking for a reliable essay writing service, you will find lots of reviews online. Some of them are true, while others are fake, pre-ordered by the very same companies as a way to drive more sales. To be on the safe side, we analyze lots of services by ordering papers there and looking at the quality of their work. This way, we make sure that our reviews are reliable as they contain only relevant and up-to-date information about the services used. After reading a few Papersowl essay reviews, we placed two orders on their website. We went for a regular essay and a research paper. However, there are also some other services they provide:

Term paper writing

Dissertation writing

Thesis writing


Admission/Scholarship essays


Papersowl Pros and Cons: to Choose or Not to Choose?

As it happens to be with every service, Papersowl is not perfect, but there are also some things about this company you will like. Here are the advantages and disadvantages we have personally experienced when ordering papers there:


The platform seems to be quite legit and secure; you will not have to worry about being caught using Papersowl or about having your personal information or payment details leaked to some third parties. 


Good customer support. Our orders were processed pretty fast, and the customer support representatives were very responsive. They are online 24/7, and can help you out even in the middle of the night, which is quite comforting to know.


They have a list of top writers, which gives you something of a sneak peek on the people who will be working on your essays. You also get to see the specialization of those writers, their order completion rate, and some reviews from previous customers. 


The prices here are rather high. Compared to other essay writing services, they charge quite a lot and do not give enough discounts to make their services affordable to all students. This proves that they are not really flexible and have not enough understanding of their target audience.


Ordering an essay is something of a gambling game here. We ordered two papers, one of them turned out to be pretty decent, while the other one was of questionable quality. Some instructions were not followed; there were some spelling and grammar mistakes in the paper. That’s why we think that they charge too much for the quality of papers they provide.


Writer profiles look a bit fake. Instead of real photos, you get to look at some random Google pictures, plus you will never know the real name of your writer, all of them have some nicknames like “Plato” or “Nerd”. 

Papersowl Writers

Based on the failed quality of one of the papers we have received, it is quite reasonable to assume that writers here are not as good as the company claims them to be. Considering the mistakes in one of our essays, we had reasons to believe that not all of their writers are native speakers, and they definitely do not have the promised levels of education. We did request a revision on one of the papers, but the writer was not that responsive and did not really do any tangible changes about the paper, so it was pretty much a money wasted case.

Papersowl Plagiarism

Our papers were unique and did not really have plagiarized content, but one of them was of low quality anyway. The writer used some direct quotes from external resources and did not cite them properly, which some professors define as plagiarism. It is essential to do proper formatting and citations, but our writer was apparently not knowledgeable enough to do that part correctly. Additionally, the spelling mistakes make it evident that the writer did not even bother to proofread the paper, which would only take a couple of minutes. So this is also somewhat irresponsible and careless on their part. 

Papersowl Sign Up Process

There is no sign up button here, which might make things confusing. However, there is a Papersowl login button, which also functions as a sign up button for those who are new to the platform. The sign up process itself is pretty simple and doesn’t take long to complete. 

Papersowl Discount System

The pricing here is quite complex and you don’t see it right away. It starts at $20 for a page and can go up to $30 depending on the specifics of your order. Unfortunately, there are no noticeable discounts here, which makes this service very pricy, considerably above the market average. Such an approach proves that the company does not really care about its customers’ financial comfort, which is quite a disappointment. You will get even more upset if you order a paper for $300, and then it turns out to be mediocre, and you end up redoing the paper by yourself.  

Customer Service Support

Customer service support representatives made us feel quite positive about the service. They gave us a good introduction into the way essay writing works and addressed all of our concerns. There is a chatbot that pops up the minute you enter the website, so you can have all of your questions answered right away. What’s more, they can also help you place an order or make a payment if you face some difficulties there. This department is probably one of the best things about the company, they are good with people, patient, and know how to stay calm even in stressful situations. 

Papersowl Papers Quality and Delivery

Apart from the question “is Papersowl safe”, you also need to settle whether you are ok with the quality of papers they will give you. Our personal experience gives reasons to believe that most papers there are quite mediocre as ours wasn’t written by a real professional. Although it was delivered on time, the revision was not completed well, and we did not really like the final version of one of the essays we ordered. If your professor is not very demanding and you need the paper just to put a tick, then it might be a good option for you, but why pay so much for an average paper.

How Much Does Papersowl Cost?

This service is rather costly, and you will not see the Papersowl price right away. You will only see what money you are expected to pay when you actually start placing an order, which is not the best option here. What’s more, there are no good discounts here, so the service is unreasonably expensive.

Does Papersowl Work?

Yes, the company does work, but the quality of their service leaves much to be desired. The most important part of their work, the papers, do not live up to the standards of academic writing and are priced unreasonably high.

Our Best Experience: