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There are lots of Samedayessay essay reviews online, and quite a lot of them are negative. We wanted to see what the fuss is all about, so we ordered two papers there. One was an essay on Emily Dickinson’s poetry, another one – a research paper on gender discrimination in India. We asked to get two different writers to make sure our evaluation of this company is unbiased. We found that these are not the only services they offer, there are lots of other types of writing their team can do. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Case study

Term paper



Samedayessay Pros and Cons: What You Should Expect


Good customer service. The customer service support is available 24/7, so if you have some concerns, they can help you out and answer all of your questions. You can also request to check the status of your paper, to see how the writing process is going if you feel like getting some clarity there. 


Promo codes. There are occasional promo codes online, which you can use to get the price of your order down. It is easy to use the promo code as there is a space for it right under the price of your order. You can use it before you hit the button “order a paper”.


Short deadlines. This service can help you out even with exceptional cases as they work with very short deadlines, 1 hour being the shortest. This means that they can help you with very urgent papers that are literally due within a few hours. 


Above average price. Pricing per page here starts at $18. The price can increase depending on your specific case, which means that you will have to pay quite a lot to get a paper done here. Most essay writing companies will charge you considerably less for the same work. 


Low quality of papers. You will not be caught using Samedayessay, but safety is not everything here. Unfortunately, based on our personal experience, we must admit that negative reviews online are true because our papers also turned out to be of low quality. 


Bad reviews on trusted websites. There are lots of negative reviews online. It seems like the company has been delivering papers of questionable quality for quite a while now as many customers complain about it.

Samedayessay Writers: What’s the Team Like

The team of writers is rather unprofessional here, considering the quality of papers they give to customers. The papers we ordered were written by two different people, yet both of them were of poor quality: grammar mistakes, spelling errors, irrelevant content, formatting issues, etc. What’s more, we kind of got the feeling that one of our writers wasn’t even a native speaker of English as there were some cases of weird phrasing in the paper. We also couldn’t reach the writers during the writing process, which made it impossible to control the process and make sure they gave us good papers in the end.

Samedayessay Plagiarism

Luckily, there was no plagiarism in any of our papers. Plagiarism is highly condemned in the sphere of academic writing, and even incorrect formatting of citations can be regarded as plagiarism. 
The papers we received passed plagiarism scanning, but their quality was so bad that plagiarism would not be the biggest issue. Because the writers didn’t follow the initial instructions of our orders, a great part of paper content was irrelevant and did not bring any value. Furthermore, neither of the papers was proofread, so there were a lot of minor mistakes that could have easily been eliminated had the writers given it some notice. 

Samedayessay Sign Up Journey

There is no sign-up button, but the Samedayessay login process is pretty easy. To get started on the platform, you need to order a paper. After that, you'll get a personal account where you can log into later. 

Samedayessay Discount

There are no discounts on the website, but you can get a seasonal promo code to give you a chance to reduce the price of your order. The pricing is quite high on this website, while discount options are few, which makes the service unavailable to many students. The company is not being flexible with the needs of its customers and does not really give them a chance to save some money when getting professional academic help. A regular 5-page essay can cost a college student as much as $100, which is way above the market average.

Customer Service Support Team 

This department is quite decent here; they seem to understand the business well and can answer almost any of your questions regarding paper orders. They can also help you settle some disputes if you are dissatisfied with the paper received from your writer. You can even contact them in the middle of the night in case you are pulling an all-nighter and need some help at 3 am. It’s quite convenient to have such a service at your beck and call at any time of the day. It’s also good that you can both chat with them online or have a call with them to know that you are talking with real people and not with a chatbot.

Samedayessay Papers Quality and Delivery 

Is Samedayessay safe? Yes. Is it a good idea to order papers there? Not necessarily, at least based on our experience dealing with this service. The papers we got were poorly written, which made us question the qualifications of their writers and the fairness of their prices. With those above-market prices, one would naturally also expect to get a top-quality paper, but that will not always be the case. Chances are high to have your paper done by an amateur who is not that good at academic writing or is simply careless about the final quality of the paper. 

How Much Does Samedayessay Cost?

Samedayessay price here starts at $18 per page and can increase depending on the complexity of your order. You will not see their prices right away when you visit the website. Instead, you need to start setting up an order to see how much it will cost you to get a paper written here. 

Does Samedayessay Work?

Yes, it does work, but it is by far not the best essay writing company you can find on the market in terms of the quality of their papers and the prices they set for the customers. It might be a good option if you have some really basic and simple paper to write and are ok with paying a little extra. 

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