Same day essay Review: Serviceable but Not Exceptional

SameDayEssay scored 3.7 points among 277 reviews, dividing the user experience evenly between satisfaction and disappointment. The ordering process is simple and intuitive. Yet, the customer service is not very responsive, and the quality may vary depending on the writer. Our research concludes that the Same day essay writing service is a legitimate platform that provides mediocre service.

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Samedayessay is all flashy and mouthful regarding its services and promises of quality. Almost a dream come true. Yet, as anyone used Samedayessay can confirm, the reality of the platform differs from its promises and reputation.

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SameDayEssay: Is it reliable or not?

The question of reliability is ambiguous with Samedayessay. On the one hand, the service delivers the papers on time and offers affordable pricing for its writing. On the other, the quality of this writing and plagiarism scores leave much to be desired. Ultimately, the results depend on the writer who will do your assignment. You can expect a well-crafted essay if you find a decent expert.

Yet, finding one is a lottery with Samedayessay. Is Samedayessay reliable? Our answer is no. While you can get a good expert occasionally, you can’t rely on consistency in writing. The example of us ordering a paper on ancient Greek philosophy is a bright proof of service’s fluctuations in quality and originality. Samedayessay managed to complete the assignment only on their second attempt.

The service is good only for high-school essays.

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Samedayessay Advantages and Drawbacks

When you start to collect and analyze all the available pros and cons of the services, the final picture is not reassuring.



Communication with the SamedayEssay Writers  

Communication with Samedayessay writers encapsulates the whole experience with the service: bright, classy, and appealing but without actual substance. We chose Amy Brooks for the assignment. She was marked “Standard Writer” and “Expert in Sociology and Psychology.”

The specialization was not entirely aligned with the task, but the writer's page did not offer more, so we stuck with what was available. There are also advanced writers, but we decided to stick with the standard writer to experience the service’s quality as an average customer who needs a complex but regular essay that can be assigned at any moment.

Ms. Brooks was polite and attentive to details. We chatted for some time to ensure we were on the same page and understood the task. The topic of a six-page essay was “Evolution of Ethics: Ancient Greek Philosophy Influence on Modern Ethics.” The master of psychology assured us that she could handle the task.

How to Place Your Order at SameDayEssay Service

Placing your order at SameDayEssay is no rocket science. To do that, you need to enter the service’s website and follow a few simple steps.


Enter the website and use the order form in the upper right corner of the screen.


Fill out the order form by choosing the type of your paper, its level, number of pages, and deadline.


After that, press the “Order now” button and check out the expanded order form.


Select the subject of your essay, its spacing, and the writer who would execute the task.


Register by providing your email address and phone.


Opt for the next steps to provide additional details about your paper and select additional services.


Select the payment method that suits you the best and click the “Checkout” button.

SamedayEssay Writers  

What About Bonuses and Discounts?

Samedayessay also offers discounts of different sorts. Yet, you must stick with the service for some time to feel its benefits.

You get the first discount of 15% on your first order. This field is highlighted in the price calculator, so you won’t miss it. The rest of the options are not so generous.

The second discount option is the referral program. If you bring a friend to the service, you will pay less for the next order. It is an interesting scheme but not very reliable too. Some people may not use this service, while others develop their loyalty program and won’t switch easily. Therefore, to acquire this discount, you need to work hard. It may not be worth it in the end. Finally, there are limited-time promos. You can hunt for them for a good deal without much hassle. Yet, there are no guarantees that the promos will be available when needed.

Pricing Policy and Types of Services

The next question is: how much will you pay for a pig in a poke? The pricing of the service provides a wide range of options, but you will have to dig manually to retrieve all of them.

The chart starts with a single page of a high-school essay with a maximum deadline of 30 days. For this type of service, you will pay $10.49 per page. A 100-page Ph.D. dissertation, one of the most complex and demanding tasks, within 48 hours will cost you $5595.

The same task in fourteen days will cost $2475. As you can see, the pricing is quite flexible, and you can find a cheap deal for yourself. The general rule of thumb for such services is also valid: the longer the deadline and the lower the essay level, the cheaper it will be.

You can also order almost any type of written work imaginable: a discussion post, resume, thesis, math problem, and outline. And if you can’t find your kind of assignment in the list, there is a convenient option marked as “other” to help you complete any exotic assignment you may have.

Support team

The Samedayessay support team was competent and addressed our issue swiftly. We wanted another writer to revise the paper and improve it all over the board. We asked if it was possible, and the support team quickly navigated us through the process.

They were polite and apologized for the inconvenience. It would have been nice to get decent results on the first try, but we had to deal with what we got. An “advanced” writer was assigned to the task’s revision, and we got an improved essay.

We use live chat for communication, but other means are also available. You can call the support team or send them an e-mail. The experts are attentive and will try to help you with the question. Yet, if you have not made an order yet, the initial communication with them will revolve around placing the order first and then asking for help or clarifications.

Legal Part of the Samedayessay

As for the legitimacy of the service - it is no scam. It did not charge us anything extra; the transactions were made through secure and proven channels. So, we can confidently say that Samedayessay delivers promises - essays for inspiration and not submission.

Yet, there is another inconsistency - if you pay more than $3000 for a Master’s Thesis, it hardly counts as inspiration if you are not an extravagant millionaire seeking thrills in such things.

The point is the service promises a wide range of academic assistance services but absolves itself of the responsibility because it is “strongly against any form of cheating.”

Paper quality on SameDayEssay

From our experience, Samedayessay essays are hit or miss. When Ms. Brooks showed us the first draft, it mainly looked okay: some details needed better disclosure, and using source materials was not optimal. We pointed out these points of concern, and Ms. Brooks thanked us for the feedback. After all, it was only a draft, and everything can be fixed till final submission.

Yet, to our big surprise, the final version of the essay looked almost the same. A few quotes were replaced, and the conclusion had more water than it should have. Besides, there were mistakes in the Works Cited section of the essay.

Overall, the essay was mediocre. The instructions were met, but the topics were disclosed poorly. There is a note at the website's footer that essays by the services should not be submitted. This note was placed there for a reason, after all.

Samedayessay Plagiarism: Unsatisfactory Score

We double-checked the plagiarism score of our order. The result was 8%. It may be passable for some universities or assignments if it is simple and does not require much thought. Yet, for a professionally written essay, it is an uncomfortably high score.

Yet, when we addressed the issue with Ms. Brooks, she assured us she double-checked everything. We do not assume that she misguided us, but it is clear that her tools were not as accurate as they should be.

The samedayessay’s writer relied heavily on rephrasing the sources she cited in the essay's second half. After two and a half pages of the essay, inspiration seems to have left Ms. Brooks, and she tried to stretch her thoughts as long as possible. It is not a great sin per se, but still, you expect more, even from a “standard” writer.

Samedayessay Reviews: Gaining the Perspective

Other reviews may tell you more about the service before deciding. Yet, you should research the service because reviews on the website do not say much. They are simple lines like “Great job!” or “Wow” and the highest ranks possible. Wow indeed.

The review aggregators shed more light on the service. It is a mixed bag, and many negative reviews highlight our issues: low paper quality, unprofessionalism, plagiarism, and other minor and significant problems.

The positive reviews, naturally, praise the service, and some of them sound genuine. This drives us to the beginning of this review - Samedayessay is a hit-or-miss deal.

Samedayessay Reviews

Final Thoughts on Samedayessay

Samedayessay tries too hard to look appealing. They have hundreds of words of text that describe how awesome they are, how proficient their writers are, and that you should trust them with your assignments and money. Yet, it is a simple writing service with lower-than-average quality. It is not abysmal, and it is not a scam.

Yet, you expect more for the money Samedayessay asks for its services. If they lowered the pricing and made discounts bigger and more frequent, their service would be passable. But for now, we add our conclusion to other reviews of same day essay

- it is better to look for alternatives if you want to get well

-crafted papers for an adequate price.

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Recent feedback from customers

Essay Reviews
Mediocre Performance
The service did not meet my expectations. The research was shallow, and the formatting was inconsistent—a disappointment.
Jason T.
November 28, 2023
Essay Reviews
Subpar Service
Samedayessay's delivery was indeed 'same day,' but the quality suffered. My paper had numerous errors. Also, the writer was challenging to communicate with.
Maria S.
December 29, 2023
Essay Reviews
Unimpressive Output
The writer met the deadline, and the formatting was decent. Yet, the overall quality was lower than I expected. Serviceable, but I won’t turn to this service again.
Brandod F.
November 30, 2023

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