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We aim to ensure everyone has access to honest and detailed reviews of academic writing services. That’s why we write them tirelessly. We want students to know what they’re paying for and have all the necessary information to avoid scams.

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WritePaperFor.me: Is It Worth Your Trust?

WritePaperFor.me is a well-established academic writing service, and many students know of it. There are also a lot of positive reviews on it on review platforms.

The WritePaperFor.me homepage claims that the service is rated 5/5 on Sitejabber and 4.8/5 on Reviews.io (which it does indeed). However, everyone knows that such reviews aren’t always reliable. And if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find tons of negative WritePaperFor.me reviews, too.

To get to the bottom, we carefully studied everything people say about the service online. Then, we hired its writers to write a 5-page undergraduate-level essay in Sociology for us. So, let’s discuss what we’ve learned about WritePaperFor.me and give our final verdict. Hopefully, our experience will help you avoid wasting your time and money.

In academic writing, price isn’t the only thing that matters.

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WritePaperForMe Reviews: Advantages and Advantages According to Clients

After studying unbiased online reviews on independent websites, we’ve come up with the following benefits and downsides.



Writer-Client Collaboration at WritePaperForMe

One of the things that you’ll see in quite a few write paper for me reviews if you do a deep dive is that the writer-client communication process at this service could use some work. Some clients complain that they can’t reach their writer for hours, affecting the paper's quality and overall experience with the service.

Communicating with the writer throughout the writing process is critical in the academic writing industry. It’s important to be able to text the writer to clarify the initial instructions, ask them questions, or simply check how the paper is going. When the writer responds quickly and thoroughly, it gives the clients the peace of mind they seek.

That’s why we always check the communication aspect when testing different writing services, and WritePaperFor.me was no exception. Sadly, other clients’ complaints have been confirmed. When we asked the writer if everything was clear in the instructions about an hour after they took our order, they didn’t respond to us for over 5 hours. And when they finally did, all we got was an “Everything’s fine,” which wasn’t exactly the level of communication we hoped for. So in this case we would better advice you Domyessay reviews and Essayhub reviews these services is much better in writer-client communication.

How to Place an Order

There's nothing complicated about getting a paper from WritePaperForMe. But just in case, here's a quick six-step walkthrough to help you place your order smoothly.


On the main page, find and click the "Order now" button located at the top right.


Now, you'll see the order form. Fill it out in detail: include any specific requirements and check out the additional features.


Sign up or sign in using your email to proceed to payment and finish ordering.


Once you deposit funds and confirm the order, your writer will start working on your paper.


Monitor the status of your order in your personal account. You'll be notified when your paper is ready.


Review your paper once received. Request a revision if needed; if it's good, approve it, and you're done.

WritePaperForMe Writers

Does WritePaperFor.me Have Any Discounts?

Another complaint in some of the negative Writepaperforme reviews is that the service offers no discounts for first-time clients. This is quite uncommon in the academic writing industry most services do.

A 10% to 20% discount for newly registered customers might not be much, but it indicates that the service trusts its writers and is confident that the client will be happy with the paper and, therefore, will return for more later. That’s why most of WritePaperFor.me’s competitors do have such a welcome offer.

However, as clients’ reviews accurately note, that’s not the case with this service. There is no welcome bonus in the form of discounts, which is disappointing. Sure, WritePaperForMe’s prices are lower than average, making it affordable without any discounts.

Still, we think it would be nice for the service to offer extra incentives for new clients and loyal customers. It’s what most other academic writing services do and for a good reason.

WritePaper Pricing Structure

The best thing about WritePaperFor.me is its prices. If you order a regular from-scratch essay or research paper, and your academic level is undergraduate, you can expect to pay $13.79 per page (the deadline will have to be 7 days). If you give the writer more time or order a high school-level paper, the price will be even lower.

As always, the shorter the deadline, the higher the price. For example, when we tested the service, we ordered a 5-page undergraduate-level essay with a 24-hour deadline and had to pay $108.45 for it—$21.69 per page. That’s way lower than the industry average and a big advantage of WritePaperFor.me.

However, one weird exception to the service’s otherwise low prices is multiple-choice questions. That’s a popular type of work, and students order it regularly. The writer must answer the questions correctly by choosing a, b, c, or d. If you have an undergraduate-level assignment and a 6-hour deadline, you’ll pay $2.70 per question.

As such assignments typically consist of at least ten questions, that’s a lot. The steep price doesn’t match WritePaperForMe’s reputation as an affordable writing service.

WritePaper Pricing

WritePaperFor.me Customer Support Team

According to many reviews and the service’s homepage, WritePaperFor me has a very responsive and efficient customer support team. The service claims they will answer you no matter when you text them, even on the weekend or at midnight. Sadly, in our experience, that’s only the case before you place the order and not afterward.

Before filling out the order form, we used the live chat on the WritePaperFor.me website to ask the support a few questions. They responded in a matter of minutes, and their responses were friendly and genuinely helpful. There is no way to say for sure, but it seemed like we were talking to a person, not a chatbot.

However, once a Write Paper For Me writer took our order, the level of responsiveness went down. We texted the writer soon after placing the order, but they didn’t respond. After waiting a few hours, we contacted the support team using the phone number on the website. The support promised to contact the writer and ask them to reply to us. Nonetheless, it took another 3 hours or so for the writer to text us back finally.

Are WritePaper’s Services Legal?

Some WritePaperForMe reviews left by students who have yet to use the service express concern about its legitimacy. If you are among them and are worried that WritePaperForMe might not be operating legally, don’t be; everything is fine in this respect. It’s a legitimate business, and you won’t get scammed, meaning you will get the paper you order, even if it won’t meet your expectations.

The situation with WritePaper’s policies and guarantees is less clear. First, the service claims to refund papers if the customer is unhappy with the result, but many reviews suggest that that’s not the case.

Getting a refund appears to be tricky, and it takes a while. Also, some clients complain that they found plagiarised passages in their papers despite the service’s no-plagiarism guarantee. That wasn’t the case with the paper we ordered, but still, be careful.

Paper Quality at WritePaperForMe

Here comes the worst part of our experience with WritePaperForMe. If you check clients’ WritePaperFor.me reviews on platforms like Sitejabber, it looks like the quality of writing is impeccable. The overwhelming majority of customers seem to be happy with it. Also, most of the free samples available on the website are decent quality-wise, if not great. Sounds promising, right?

Well, not if you ask us. Everything about the essay we received from a WritePaperFor.me writer was wrong. It was poorly structured, incoherent, and surface-level. There wasn’t a single original idea in it.

Moreover, we counted 20+ factual and grammatical mistakes in our 5-page paper, which is a lot by any standards. Our order wasn’t too urgent (the writer had 24 hours to complete it), yet it looked like it was written hastily and not even proofread. Frankly, it’s one of the worst “professionally-written” papers we’ve seen.

Are WritePaperForMe’s Papers 100% Original?

As discussed, unlike other clients, we haven’t had any issues with outright plagiarism when using this service. Still, let’s cover this topic in more detail, as it’s one of the most important aspects of any WritePaperForMe review. With how strict most universities are regarding academic integrity, the least decent academic writing service must be able to guarantee complete originality. It’s the bare minimum.

Some WritePaperForMe customers complain about finding plagiarism in their papers after using their plagiarism-detecting tool. In our case, the problem was different. Every idea voiced in the paper was a paraphrase of something said in the sources the author used for the paper. That’s not what we call an original work or what professors call an original work, either.

What Other Reviews Say About WritePaperFor.me

As discussed, online reviews on WritePaperFor.me are generally positive; the service does have the high ratings it claims to have on review platforms akin to Sitejabber and Reviews.io. However, having tested it ourselves, we have serious concerns about the authenticity of all the glowing reviews. They contradict our experience completely.

There’s one more reason to question the legitimacy of positive customer reviews of WritePaper: most of them are worded weirdly. For example, check this review from Reviews.io: “The structural approach employed by WritePaperForMe was truly commendable.” Does it sound like a student who writes brief feedback online? Given how different our impression of the service is compared to most comments, we think it looks suspicious.

Final Verdict

Despite the glowing WritePaperFor.me reviews available online (which are likely fake), we definitely don’t recommend this service to anyone. The only really good thing about it is the prices, but considering how poor the writing quality is, you are better off writing your assignment and saving the money. Trust us, even if you aren’t good at writing, it will be way better than what you would get from a WritePaper writer.

Almost everything about this service is a complete letdown. The customer support team is only responsive when you have yet to place an order; the writer will probably ignore your messages; you will need to wait for hours to get your paper revised, even if it was urgent in the first place.

Most importantly, the writing quality will be so bad you’ll likely regret trusting WritePaperFor.me so we recommend you try essayservice reviews or essaypro reviews these great services instead.

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My essay was on time, and it was pretty cheap. But that’s the only good thing I can say about it. Had to rewrite it almost entirely.
Melissa S.
December 20, 2023
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It was okay
I ordered a short story for my creative writing class, which turned out fine. There were a few mistakes, but otherwise, it was okay. Thanks!
Yuze L.
December 18, 2023
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Whoever wrote my paper had clearly never heard of emergency management, which was the topic of my research proposal. It’s one of the least competently written papers I’ve seen!
Arjun O.
December 09, 2023

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